Joe Rogan has been through a lot with Tesla. He hosted the show in which Elon Musk smoked marijuana, for example. With his latest guest, Matt Farah, from TheSmokingTire YouTube channel, Rogan discussed the Tesla Cybertruck. While he says he is all-in for the electric pickup truck, Farah is not. And he explains that with sensible reasoning. Careful with the language: it is sometimes NSFW. Watch it at home or make sure you listen to it with earphones.

If you do not know Matt Farah, this video below tells a little about how he created his YouTube channel.

Back to what he and Rogan discussed, Farah says that he does not even believe the pickup truck is real. Yes, we have seen it move around recently, but Farah is still undecided if it is for real. First, because it is really unusual. Second, because he does not think it would ever be legal.

Farah does not stop there. He also reluctantly says that he does not think the way the Cybertruck was presented is entirely honest. He believes it is just a concept, not a production car. Promising it as something people will be able to buy would not be nice on Tesla’s part.

Farah also says that Tesla is not run like an automaker. It is more likely a tech company, which “runs on hype,” and asks where is the Roadster. He says it was supposed to be delivered this year, but the fact is that it is promised for 2020.

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TheSmokingTire presenter names the deposit people had to put for the Roaster as a “zero-interest loan.” If you think that it requires a $50,000 deposit for the regular Roadster and a $250,000 deposit for the Founders Series, that is not an incorrect way to put it. Especially if you made your reservation back in November 2017, when it was presented.

Tesla Roadster

Farah believes this is a strategy for getting the Cybertruck production funded. Not only by consumers but by banks. The number of people putting reservations for the electric pickup truck would be an additional guarantee that Tesla would be able to pay the loan back.

Curiously, Matt Farah also had a talk to Chris Harris about the Tesla Cybertruck.

Interestingly, Harris creates the counterpoint for Farah’s Cybertruck analysis. He says Musk is a disruptor, able to see things from a different angle, which is almost an excuse for him to accept the Cybertruck as it is. He also compliments Tesla for the Model 3, but says he has never come across such a fantastic product surrounded by so much “BS.” He was about to order a Model 3 but got afraid that having it will be like “wearing a badge that says I am part of a club I do not want to be part of.”

Have a look at the videos and join the conversation. What do you think of Farah’s arguments? Do you agree with them? Do you think he is just a FUDster? What about Harris’? The comments box is all yours.

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