We've seen images and even some low-speed action video, but this new clip shows the Tesla Cybertruck flying down the highway at speed at night. Watch it right here.

Earlier today, we posted two new images of the Cybertruck out testing on public roads, but now we have something even more exciting. For the first time ever, we get to see the Cybertruck moving at what appears to be a relatively fast speed on a public highway.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck On the Highway

For those who may have wondered whether or not the Cybertruck is the real deal or just some fancy show car, this video basically proves that the electric pickup truck is more than capable of propelling itself down the road at speed.

This makes us wonder if Tesla had already been testing the truck (perhaps at an indoor facility) ahead of the reveal. It seems likely that was the case, otherwise, why would Tesla trust the truck enough to openly test it (at night) on a public expressway.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck closer to production-ready than previously thought? This video surely presents a case for that. however, first deliveries aren't expected until late 2021, so there's still plenty of time for Tesla to test and tweak the truck before production begins.

We look forward to new sightings of the Cybertruck, which seemingly will become quite common since Tesla is only testing it out in the wild now.

Video description via Roberto Cruz on YouTube:

The Cybertruck looks better in person, it even has dual-color, the silver on bottom and the matte black on top. Love it. Looks more amazing in person.


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