The Tesla Cybertruck is already an impressive pickup truck, but what if we imagined it in a six-wheel form? That's precisely what we see right here in these new renders.

Tesla shocked the world with the debut of the Cybertruck and it immediately called to attention numerous renderers who put their own twist on Tesla's very unique truck.

Believe it or not, the new six-wheeler Cybertruck renders are among the tamer renders of the truck. There are no rockets attached, it doesn't float and go on the water. It's simply a stretched Cybertruck with another set of wheels and tires out back.

We're not entirely sure why this six-wheeler isn't of the more conventional dually setup commonly found on heavy-duty pickup trucks, but maybe it's to keep the full usability of the bed intact or perhaps to entertain the idea of a six-motor setup. How wicked would that be?

Check out the six-wheel Cybertruck in various colors in the gallery directly below:

Gallery: Six-Wheel Tesla Cybertruck Renders

As Joshua Thompson of Drivable Designs tells InsideEVs:

I made these amazing Tesla Cybertruck 6-wheel renderings using Autodesk Sketchbook Desktop. First, I had to duplicate the wheel. After that, I extended the Cybertruck body to fit the long wheelbase. I finished the rendering off by streamlining everything to make it look as realistic as possible. I also made different colors of this rendering.

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