The Tesla Cybertruck arrived and took the world by storm. However, many people are still not sold on its unique appearance, and some believe it will never come to market (at least in its "debut" configuration).

For those aiming to purchase an all-electric pickup truck in the future — and leaning more towards traditional design — the Cybertruck may have been scratched off their list, leaving other upcoming rivals like the Rivian R1T as one of few realistic options.

Sure, the Rivian electric pickup truck is being produced by an unproven startup and it's going to be quite expensive in comparison to the Tesla. However, it may come to market ahead of the Cybertruck. Moreover, when the Tesla pickup does come to market, it's almost certain the ~$70,000 model will come first and it could be years before the less expensive Cybertruck variants arrive. Keep in mind, this will also be the case with the R1T. 

Aside from the above situation with production and delivery timing, as well as the launch of various trim levels, there are many scenarios and variables to consider here. While the Cybertruck has the utmost potential to attract and appeal to people who aren't current pickup truck owners the R1T may certainly appeal to those who love trucks, though it's not traditional when compared to today's "work" trucks, and it's not priced accordingly.

What about the many hardcore Tesla fans that want a premium electric pickup truck, are willing to spend the big bucks, and have decided not to buy the Cybertruck? The R1T could be the answer for sure.

Our good friend Alex Guberman chats about all of this with Tesla fan and owner Eli Burton (My Tesla Adventure). Check it out and then tell us what you think.

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Tesla Cybertruck Helps Rivian's Road to Success

Tesla has helped Rivian to remain the electric pickup truck leader as the new Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled to mixed reviews. Eli Burton from My Tesla Adventure is here to share his thoughts on the matter in his weekly segment Supercharged with Eli Burton!

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