Not long ago, we shared a video with you from our friend Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) that called out popular automotive reviewer Doug DeMuro for his take on the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. Just to be clear, Mitchell wasn't the only person who disagreed with DeMuro (more on that below). In fact, DeMuro admits that the video blew up and he received plenty of criticism from Tesla supporters. 

We're learning, just like DeMuro, that anything related to the Cybertruck is proving incredibly popular, not only due to fans, but also critics. We've also learned over the years that if you say anything negative about Tesla, you'd better be prepared to take lots of heat since some fans will simply not tolerate it and will often move to badger you repeatedly and, sadly, sometimes viciously.

The criticism DeMuro is facing is much like a similar situation that plagued Alex Dykes (Alex on Autos) in the recent past when he published a video with a few Tesla-negative discoveries and opinions. It's also not unlike the multitude of negative emails and social media comments InsideEVs gets related to our own Gustavo Ruffo's investigative reports Tesla.

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With all that said, be sure to Watch DeMuro's latest Cybertruck video above. Then, click here to revisit Sean Mitchell's video related to the topic, which also includes DeMuro's initial Cybertruck video.

In addition, YouTube channel KnightDrive TV produced a video much like Mitchell's calling DeMuro out. Now that DeMuro has moved to round two, KnightDrive TV has fired back once again. To give you a better understanding, we've included those videos below. Pay particular attention to the filming location in the second video below, as compared to the DeMuro video above. Funny stuff, for sure!

Check it all out and then leave us a comment.

Video Description via More Doug DeMuro on YouTube (above):

More Thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck has everyone talking. Today Doug DeMuro is explaining more thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck, and I'm responding to some of the rebuttals to my last Cybecrtruck video, located below.

Video Description via KnightDrive TV:

Tesla Cybertruck Wins | Doug "deadwrong" Demuro Response Vid

Doug Demuro is dead wrong about Tesla Cybertruck and missed the point by a country mile (link below). If you hate the truck, you should watch my video! I'll change your mind! If you love it, I may make you love it more! Me, I'm on the fence, but I see opportunity to get over the design and buy it! In this video I go into the details the groupthinking youtubers and media are missing. The modification possibility, the aftermarket power, the ability to have an "exotic" truck and more! In this video I will tell you why Tesla and Elon Musk will win again!

Video Description:

Doug "DidItAgain" Demuro Tesla Cybertruck Response | He doubled down

Doug says the Tesla Cybertruck is a failure in motion. I am not a huge fan of Tesla, but the debate between Doug and KnightDriveTV continues in #2! Doug claims the Cybertruck must be the Model 3 in terms of price and market position, in order to compete. Demuro is committed to being passionately against the Tesla, which seems suspicious to me. For that reason, I do another response video.

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