At this point, just two weeks after Elon Musk took to the internet to officially reveal the Tesla Cybertruck, reality has started to sink in. While many people were taken aback by the electric pickup truck's arguably absurd styling, many opinions have changed. As Matt Ferrell points out, there has been a multitude of social media comments about the Tesla truck stating, "It's growing on me."

We admit to being in both of the above camps: shocked at first and coming to terms as of late. This all makes perfect sense when it comes to new product reveals. In his blog (linked below in the video description), Ferrell quotes Tom Vanderbilt who wrote a book entitled “You May Also Like."

“There’s no silver bullet theory for explaining anyone's taste. It's always a mixture of exposure, of culture, of a person's personality. And none of these are particularly static or fixed. The nice thing about tastes is that they are subject to change. We can kind of always be reinventing them and reinventing ourselves a little bit.”

At any rate, check out Ferrell's video analysis, as well as his blog entry and the related video below. Then, let us know what you think about all of this.

Video Description via Undecided with Matt Ferrell on YouTube (above):

Tesla Truck - why we're all wrong about the Cybertruck design

After the reaction to the Tesla Truck, a growing trend is showing that we're wrong about the Cybertruck design. Going in we knew that Tesla’s pickup truck design would be unique and stand out. Elon had been warning us that it looked like something from Bladerunner after all, but that didn’t stop the collective freak-out we saw in the media and online. That is ... until about 48 hours later when a common refrain started showing up: “It’s kind of growing on me.” Why?

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Matt Farrell referenced another video as a source in his YouTube description. We've included it below. It's interesting and related since it's about a Toyota truck owner and loyalist who has decided to buy a Tesla Cybertruck, despite its "radical aesthetics." Function-over-form is the story here. 

Video Description via Design Prototype Test on YouTube:

Why This Toyota Truck Loyalist Is Buying a Tesla Cybertruck

Despite the radical aesthetics, the Tesla Cybertruck is a shining example of function-over-form, and it is perfectly designed. I explain what I mean, and tell you why it will be the first non-Toyota truck I will have ever bought, and the first new vehicle I will have ever owned.

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