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While most EV fans are just glad that Porsche decided to do a decent if expensive EV – the Taycan – fans of the German brand and Tesla already created a rivalry that will probably only intensify with time. Just see the comments on any article about the Taycan or the Model S in Nürburgring Nordschleife to confirm that.

The video above is another example. It probably shows the first registered time the electric Porsche met a Model S 100D on the road. More specifically, on a stretch of the Autobahn. And it tries to overtake the Tesla. Does it manage to?

Gallery: The Porsche Taycan And Tesla Model S Rivalry Go To An Autobahn

If you have watched this Maxime Fontanier YouTube channel video, you’ll already know the answer. The footage is very short, and being in French is not a problem to get the result. You'd miss the little savory details, some of which may be used to question the aftermath. But we are here to help.

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The first important info is that the Taycan meets the Model S when it has only 32 km of range left. While the Taycan was at 250 km/h – or 155 mph – the Model S was probably a little faster than that. It is essential to remind that this sort of speed is absolutely legal in some autobahn stretches. In other words, no one is breaking the law in the footage above.

The Porsche Taycan And Tesla Model S Rivalry Go To An Autobahn

We have no idea how much the chase lasted, but it must not have taken that much considering the low range the Taycan had. The warning to immediately stop for charging must have arrived soon.

The Porsche Taycan And Tesla Model S Rivalry Go To An Autobahn

On the comments, fans of Porsche and of Tesla dispute which EV is the best. Tesla fans say the Taycan would always have to stop for charging earlier because of its shorter range. Porsche supporters claim the Taycan could have passed if it had more juice due to its superior performance.

The Porsche Taycan And Tesla Model S Rivalry Go To An Autobahn

Do you have any opinion about who is right and who is wrong in this discussion? With two fully-charged Taycan and Model S, which would end an autobahn stretch ahead of the other?

Despite being a fun discussion, we honestly could not care less about the results. We want Tesla and Porsche to compete as much as possible on doing better EVs so that everyone gets to choose which of them better suits their needs. Rivalry can have a strong and positive result when it leads to fantastic products.

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