The next big thing about EVs is the adoption of solid-state batteries – SSB, for short. While we were waiting for the first vehicle with these batteries to appear, it already had. It was last January that Enovate showed the ME7, the first electric car to take power from SSB. It was presented at the 2019 ChinaEV100 Forum in Beijing. There are plans to mass-produce it, according to the company’s website.

Gallery: The Enovate ME7 May Be The First Ever Solid-State BEV To Be Sold

Should everything ProLogium claims be right, its SSB technology is impressive. It is called Multi­ Axis Bipolar (MAB) Pack, and it would be different from the “high nickel (811) cathodes or lithium metal anodes that are unstable in terms of supply and performance.” The company only does not mention what it is based on nor other interesting technical details of its MAB tech. All it says about it is in the video above.

Curiously, the video shows a Tesla Model S as a “generic” electric car and a battery pack that is much smaller than those currently used by Tesla. Compare it to the video presented by Carloalberto Michielan, the self-driving car lead NVH engineer at Jaguar Land Rover.


Apart from being a very interesting video regarding noise, harshness, and vibration on EVs, it shows a very similar battery pack to which ProLogium presents in the main video.

The Enovate ME7 May Be The First Ever Solid-State BEV To Be Sold


Abby Kuo, from the marketing department of ProLogium, says the company’s SSB technology “has been tested by European, Chinese, Japanese carmakers since 2016” but that “due to NDA,” they “are not able to disclose information of customers and their specific plan.” Could Jaguar be working with ProLogium on an SSB EV? We know Nio has made a partnership with the Taiwanese company to create a prototype.

The Enovate ME7 May Be The First Ever Solid-State BEV To Be Sold

Enovate surely is. It was even the first company to present a prototype based on this technology that we are aware of. It allows us to infer the ME7 will be available by 2021, even if the company promises to produce it in the fourth quarter of 2019 in its LinkedIn presentation page. In other words, now.

Will the production version already have ProLogium’s SSB? Will it keep on going even after taking a bullet, as the video above shows? We’ll contact Enovate to learn more about the ME7. And about its SSB use. ProLogium will be at the CES 2020. If you plan to attend it, you may ask them about the SSB yourself. Just remember to tell us all the news!

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