This insane video captures a woman filling grocery bags with gasoline so that she can transport gas. She even double bags it and then sort of triple bags it for added safety. Yes, this is real and it's really nuts.

This insane act has lit Twitter afire, mostly because it's just too crazy to believe that it's true, but it is. Here's just one of many tweets shared by the Tesla community:


This sort of reminds us of the time when an individual tried to fill a Tesla Model S with gasoline. While that act had a certain amount of humor (and was possibly even a setup) this pumping gasoline into plastic bags is simply scary.

However, there's a point we can make here and it that we all know gasoline is incredibly dangerous and needs to be handled with caution and care. On the other hand, the electricity that powers electric cars is considerably safer and far less volatile.

While bagging gasoline is probably the most extreme example of mishandling gas we've ever seen, there have been other cases, such as people pumping gas into garbage bins in the back of pickup trucks. 


We've yet to see such ridiculously absurd acts with electricity though.

Video description via Silly Reviews on YouTube:

In this shocking video, a lady is seen at a Kroger's service station filling a plastic bag with gasoline then placing the bag of gas in the trunk of her car. I can't, for the life of me, figure out what this lady was thinking.

This type of behavior certainly fuels a lot of stereotypes. I don't know how you can be an adult with a driver's license and not know it's dangerous to fill a plastic shopping bag with gasoline then place it in the trunk of your Honda.

She looks to be wearing an apron, like those who work in the service industry. I wonder what kind of unsafe food practices he has. Scary!


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