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April 2020 News Archive

Audi Introduces e-tron Sportback In U.S., Reveals Price And Range

Lordstown Motors Takes Us On A Guided Tour Of Its Electric Truck Plant

Wallbox Quasar A Finalist For Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards

Watch The Tesla Model Y Drift Like A Wild, Out-Of-Control Race Car

More On Tesla's Q1 2020 Earnings Report And Investors Call

Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: April 2020

Tesla Q1 Deliveries And What To Expect In 2020

After Model Y Teardown, Tesla Talks About Cast Parts In Q1 2020 Update

Tesla Is Extending The Range Gap: Model S To Be Retested For 400 Miles

Tesla Energy Generation And Storage Business: Q1 2020 Results

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress April 29, 2020: Video

Tesla Q1 2020 Earnings Report Shocks World With Profit

Tesla Model 3 Was #2 Best Selling Car In Europe In March 2020

Hongqi E115 Is China’s Baller Electric SUV

Opel And Vauxhall Are Introducing Vivaro-e Electric Vans

BMW X8 M Will Reportedly Be A 750 HP Plug-In Hybrid Coupe-SUV

GMC Hummer EV Reveal Event Is Postponed

Tesla May Eventually Offer A Pay-As-You-Go Full Self-Driving Package

SK Innovation Announces 2nd Battery Gigafactory In Georgia

CHAdeMO Association Introduces CHAdeMO 3.0 Protocol (ChaoJi)

AMPLY Power Secures $13.2 Million To Unlock Infrastructure for Commercial Fleets

Watch A MINI Cooper SE Beat A Chilled Tesla Model 3 Performance In A Drag Race

Did Lucid Motors Just Reveal The Production Version Of The Air In A Tweet?

Tesla Model X Performance 'Raven' Impresses In One Lap

XPeng Files Motion To Quash, Responds To Tesla's 'Overreach' - Stop Harassing Us

Sandy Munro Starts Talks About Tesla Model Y Batteries With Airbag Deployment

Check Out Jay Leno's Fascinating Off-Road Ride In Upcoming Electric Pickup Truck

Will Tesla Restart Its Fremont Factory Soon? Mainstream Media Seems Confused

Watch The Tesla Model X Partake In Some Actual Hardcore Off-Roading

Polestar 2 Matches Electric Performance With High Levels Of Safety

Xpeng P7 Launches in China: Now The Longest Range Chinese-Built EV Available

CATL's LFP CTP Batteries Coming To European EVs In 2020

Another Tesla Model Y Owner Complains About Touchless Delivery System

Fully Charged Interviews Xpeng: Is P7 The Chinese Tesla Model 3 Rival?

Watch This 'Tesla Imagine' Spec Ad: Could Tesla Sell More Cars With Ads?

Here Is What A Comparison Of EPA/WLTP Range Ratings Reveal

Tesla Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control (BETA) First Drives Plus Full Review

Project Y-NOT: First-ever Completely Transformed, Bagged Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Hatch Problems Exposed: Safety Concern Needs To Be Addressed

This Electric Mazda Miata Project Piques Our Interest: Pay Attention Mazda

Germany: In March 2020 Plug-In Electric Cars Sold Like Never Before

ORNL Demonstrates Bi-Directional Wireless Charging For UPS Medium-Duty Truck

The Lack Of Urban Charging Points Must Be Addressed More Quickly

Tesla Model Y Build Quality Questioned: Tons Of Issues On This Y Seem Extreme

Porsche Taycan Suspension Is Designed For Amazing Handling

Tesla Launches Autopilot Traffic Light And Stop Sign Control

Sandy Munro Gives New Details On Tesla Model Y Castings, Splashes, And Teslaract

China Outlines Cut Of EV Subsidies By The End Of 2022

BMW 330e Gets 22 Miles Of EPA Electric Range, But Is Not Efficient Beyond That

Porsche To Expand Taycan Line, Offer Smaller Battery, Cheaper RWD Variant

Pininfarina Pura Vision Won’t Be Your Typical Electric SUV

Porsche Taycan Turbo Is The Ultimate Driver's Car, But Will It Drift?

Watch This Ultimate Tank Turn: This Electric BMW X6 Spins Circles With Ease

UPDATE: Ford Mustang Mach-E Production And Deliveries Are Delayed

Teslacam Captures Swerving Chevy Cobalt Crashing Into Toyota Corolla In Chicago

Porsche Taycan Range Test Crushes EPA Rating: This Time Gets 300-Mile Range

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car Production Resumes: Slow Rate, New Safety Measures

Tesla And Elon Musk Have A Special Status In Popular Animated Series

Will The Chinese Tesla Be A $20,000 Compact Car? This Video Says Yes

Sony Vision-S Electric Crossover Renderings Show Off Sleek Design

Tesla Model Y Battery Pack Is Different From Model 3: Check Out How It Differs

Polestar 2 U.S. Pricing Officially Announced: It's Cheaper Than Expected

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress April 22, 2020: Video

Faster Than Lightning? Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 Beats Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro

Don't Pay $1,000 For A Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch: A Cheaper Choice Is Now Here

This Technology May Be Coming Soon Inside Tesla's Vehicles & Other EVs

Tesla's Computers Are Different For Model S, X And Model 3, Y

Nissan LEAF Dealer Demo Cars Offered For Free To UK Hospital Staff

Audi Shows That Its Fast Charging Curve Makes A Difference

U.S. Patent Office Rules In Favor Of Nikola In Lawsuit Against Tesla Semi

Watch a MINI Cooper SE Drag Race A BMW i3

UK: Tesla Supercharging Network Named The Best In New Survey

Tesla Fremont Factory May Get 'World's Most Advanced Paint Shop' Before Berlin

Watch Porsche Taycan Turbo Go 295 Miles On A Charge: Beats EPA By 94 Miles

SparkCharge Portable EV Charger For Roadside Boost Doesn't Rely On Gas

700-Mile, 8-Seat Triton Model H Electric SUV Is A Cadillac Escalade ESV Clone

Nissan LEAF Is Most Well-Known Electric Car In The UK, Model S #2

Maple 30X Is China's New Ridiculously Affordable Electric Crossover

Lithium-Sulphur Batteries Could Provide 1,200-Mile Per Charge Range

BYTON Furloughs 50% Of U.S.-Based Employees, Hunkers Down For Tough Times

Vitesco To Build New R&D Center In China For xEV Powertrains

Land Rover Presents Two New PHEVS: The Evoque And The Discovery Sport P300e

Kuga Plug-In Hybrid Is One Of The Quietest Ford Vehicles Ever

Tesla Uses 3D Printing To Fix Mistake In Model Y HVAC Airbox

7-Seat Tesla Model Y With Third-Row Seats Added: Let's See How They Fit

Tesla Gigafactory 1 To Reopen May 4th

Tesla Model Y 1,000-Mile Road Trip: How Efficient Is This Crossover?

Tesla Model Y Computers Differ From Model 3: Mr. Green Discovers

NIO Commences Delivery Of The New ES8

Volvo Group And Daimler Truck To Partner On Fuel Cells

Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

Watch Munro Analyze Tesla Model Y Headliner, B Pillar, Wiring

MINI Renames The Cooper SE 'Corona Spoke' Wheels 'Power Spoke'

UPDATE: Researchers Claim New Material Can Solve Hydrogen Storage

Model Y Instrument Panel Shows How Tesla Saves Some Bucks

Tesla's Bioweapon Filter Is Another Line Of Defense Against COVID-19

All Porsche Taycan Versions Compared: Specs, Price, Range + More

Tesla Model S & Porsche Taycan Among Quickest Cars Ever Produced

GM And DTE Join Hands To Make Michigan 'A Clean Energy Powerhouse'

Pickup Trucks Take Note: Tesla Cybertruck Wades Deep Water, Even Floats

One Lap Around The Track In The Tesla Model X & MINI Cooper SE

Rich Rebuilds Offers Advice On Buying A Salvage Or Rebuilt Tesla

The Electrified Garage Upgrades a Tesla Model S 75D To A P100D

COVID-19 Forcing Dealers To Follow Tesla's Sales Model: Buyers Like It

Rivian Electric Truck Gets Jiggy With It, Even Under Lockdown

Nissan Licenses All-Polymer Battery Tech To APB

The Ultimate Tesla Drag Race: Model 3 Vs Model S Vs Model X

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Build Its Own Maps From GPS & Fleet Data

Tesla Cybertruck Design Changes Suggest A More Normal Pickup Truck Look

Triton Reveals 8-Seat Model H Electric SUV With 700-Mile Range

Patents Show Mazda's Idea For An EV With Reasonable Range

Classic VW Karmann Ghia Becomes An EV

Obliterated Tesla Model 3 Sells For $15,599: It Still Supercharges

Vattenfall To Speed Up Electrification Of Its Car Fleet

All-Electric Karma Revero GTE Coming In 2021 (400-Mile Option)

Mercedes-Benz To Launch 20 PHEVs By The End Of 2020

Tesla Model Y And Model S Winter Test: Which Can Melt More Ice?

The Tesla Model 3 Has An Unusual Windshield Too: Is It The Same?

Could COVID-19 Move More EV Battery Manufacturing To The U.S.?

Envision Solar Launches Next Gen EV ARC Off-Grid Charging Station

Tesla Buyer Gets New Model Y, Wonders If It Was Used For Years

Electric Pickup Trucks: What Energy Consumption Should We Expect?

Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Progress April 15, 2020: Video

Can You Explain Why The Tesla Model Y's Windshield Is So Unusual?

Byton Resumes Production Of M-Byte Electric SUV

High-Tech Lotus Evija Configurator Teased

Porsche Taycan Road Trip Data, Charging Planner Issues, & Much More

Fremont Is Closed: Will It Get 'World's Most Advanced Paint Shop?'

Porsche Official Says Tesla Is Not A Direct Rival

This EV Parking Advice Goes Against EVerything You've Been Taught

UPDATE: Ford F-150 PHEV Rumor Is Wrong

Ferrari Partners With Motorsport Network For Official Channel On

Tesla Cybertruck In Any Color You Want, So Long As It Is Stainless

Why Did Autopilot Decide To Merge Tesla Model Y Into This Car?

Here's How To Use The Most Popular EV Fast Chargers In The U.S.

Lexus' First-Ever PHEV To Be Called NX450+: Based On Toyota RAV4 Prime

Amply Power Lowers Electric Bus Operator's Electricity Costs By 40%

Tesla Free Supercharging Miles: Use Em Or Lose Em

Watch This Low-Slung, Racy Tesla Cybertruck Come To Life

Will The Tesla Model Y Prove To Be The Safest SUV Ever Produced?

This Rendered Ram Electric Pickup Truck Features A Rad Cab-Over Design

Widebody Tesla Model 3 Has Active Aero, Naked Carbon Fiber

Andy Slye Shows Tesla Model 3 Charging Cable Doesn't Unlock By Itself

Tesla Model Y Teardown Reveals Oil Filters Attached To Its Motors

MG And DriveElectric Offer Electric Cars To Combat COVID-19

Tesla Cybertruck Has A Secret Weapon And It's Hiding In Plain Sight

Teslas Calculate 62 Miles As 65 On Purpose, According To This Video

Fisker Unveils The Ocean's Military-Suited Force E Package

Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3 Home-Charging Concerns

Tesla Model Y Wiring Is Not Revolutionary, According To Sandy Munro

BMW i7 Is Coming To Fight The Mercedes-Benz EQS

Tesla Model Y Rear Hatch DIY Panel Gap Adjustment How-To

This Tesla Cybertruck Custom RV Is The Tiny Home Of Our Dreams

EV Sales In Italy Stay Afloat Amid Catastrophic March For Auto Industry

What To Expect At Tesla's Battery And Powertrain Investor Day

UPDATE: Is Tesla Sparing Model 3s From Unsupported Vehicle Policy?

Don’t Take The Tesla Model Y Off-Roading, Wait For The Cybertruck

This Hyperloop Startup May Bring Elon Musk's Vision To Reality

Made-in-China Long Range Tesla Model 3: Everything We Know

Watch Nissan Truck Smash Into Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot: Pickup Flees

Think Audi e-tron and I-Pace Are Thirsty? Check Out The Porsche Taycan

Formula E: The Future Of Electric Vehicle Production

All-Electric Car Range, Price & More Compared For U.S. – April 2020

The Rise Of Electric Trucks: Tesla Cybertruck Will Lead The Pack

Tesla Cybertruck Plaid Mode: What The Heck Is It?

Tesla Model 3 Latest Software Review: Sentry Mode Viewer And More

Rivian's Latest Adventure Makes Us Dream Of R1T-Filled Days To Come

VW Will Rely On Hot PHEVs As Poster Vehicles For Electrification

This Tesla Roadster Is The Only One With Exposed Carbon Fiber

ACEA: Massive Ramp-Up Of Truck Charging Infrastructure Needed

Tesla Adds $1,000 Model Y Hitch One Month After Launch, But Why Now?

Karma Debuts Level 4 Autonomous All-Electric (E-Flex) Van

Is the BMW i4 Just A 530 HP German Tesla Model 3?

Construction Of Tesla Gigafactory 4 Reportedly Postponed

Does The Tesla Model Y Rear Bumper Comply With FMVSS 581? Do Any Cars?

VW China Shows Signs Of Business Recovery: MEB EVs Coming In 2020

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progresses At Full Speed

Check Out The Five Features That ONLY Rivian Has

Enovix Raises $45 Million To Launch 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery

Tesla Nerfs Dyno Mode Through Over-The-Air Software Update

Semi Trucks Like This Rendered Tesla Semi Could Make EV Racing Fun

Sentry Mode Hit-And-Run Video Shows Why Parking Properly Is Crucial

BYD No Longer Hides Its Strategy To Rule The Electric Car World

Porsche Taycan Wins 2020 World Performance Car And World Luxury Car

Plug In America: Stop Saying COVID-19 Will Kill The Electric Car

Einride Demonstrates One Operator-Multiple Vehicle Capability

ClipperCreek Introduces New 7.7 kW AmazingE FAST Charging Station

Tesla Model Y Rear Mega Casting Reveals Itself In Teardown Video

Electrify America Offers Kia Select Plan To Reconcile Kia Pricing Issue

Tesla Is Updating Fremont Factory To Improve Model Y Production

Tesla Cybertruck Teaser Reveals Innovative Truck Bed Ladder Frame

This Tesla Owner Hosted The World's Biggest Online Dance Party

Volkswagen To Produce Flexible Fast Chargers In China

Tesla Gigafactory 3: Official Video Reveals High Level Of Automation

This Combustion Engine Heater Extends Tesla Range

San Joaquin Sheriff Says Tesla Is Protecting Lathrop Employees

LG Chem Is Now The Biggest xEV Battery Maker By Capacity

California Department of State Hospitals Switch To Electric Vans

Why You Should Never Drive A Porsche Taycan From Norway To Spain

Tesla Model Y Teardown Discovers The Heat Pump: Let's Check It Out

This EV Dragster Has An Incredible 4,000 kW Or 5,364 Horsepower

Tesla Model 3 Vs Crown Vic: Which Makes The Best Police Interceptor?

UPDATE: Used Tesla Model Y Performance Listed For Sale Online

Tesla Gives HW 2.X Traffic Cone Visualization And Auto Lane Change

Rivian Continues Its Adventures With Trip To The Florida Keys

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Launch Delayed Until 2021

UK: Plug-In EV Car Sales Doubled In March 2020 To New Huge Records

Blink Introduces Mobile Charging Station For Roadside EV Assistance

Tesla Octovalve Is The Video Sandy Munro Has Not Captured Yet

This Is How You Access Tesla Dashcam Viewer

Watch Munro's Tesla Model Y Teardown Proceed: Floorpan, Wiring

Tesla Model Y Rear Hatch Issue Isn't Sitting Low: It's Sitting Exposed

Tesla To Offer 'Basic' Autopilot For Model 3 Long Range RWD

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress Through April 3, 2020: Video

Mercedes-Benz May Make Hot EQS AMG Variant

Watch Tesla Design Ventilators Using Mostly Model 3 Parts

Watch Munro Inspect Tesla Model Y Welds, ABS, Reinforcements and More

Volkswagen ID.3 Promises The Industry’s Coolest Heads-Up Display

Audi Highlights 4 Distinct Platforms For 20 All-Electric Cars

Audi Officially Launches e-tron Sportback

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Racks Up 50,000 UK Sales

Xpeng's P7, The Tesla Model 3 Fighter, Gets Road Tested In China

Watch Tesla Model S Performance Race Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

Karma Hints At New SiC Inverter For 400 V And 800 V Systems

NIO Introduces Navigation On Pilot And Revamped Parking Assist

Cadillac Celestiq Luxury EV Sedan Previewed In Exclusive Rendering

This Tesla Model 3's Fender Bender Damage Was Repaired In Just 4 Days

Tesla Production And Deliveries Graphed Through Q1 2020

Real-World Range Test Of 12 Electric Cars: Results Compared To EPA

Tesla Software Update Allows In-Car Viewing Of Sentry Mode Videos

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Get Beat Twice By Harley-Davidson Livewire

How Do Tesla Lathrop And Model Y Relate? Cast Parts Are Made There

McLaren To Launch First Sport Series PHEV This Year

Is Tesla Protecting Lathrop Workers? Employees, Witnesses Say No

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Increased In February 2020

Watch Munro Expertly Inspect Tesla Model Y Rear End, Wiring, Brakes

Lordstown Teases Endurance Truck's In-Wheel Motor In Action

Honda Teaming With GM To Develop Two Ultium-Based EVs

UPDATE: Tesla Owner With Tank Tracks & Voided Warranty Can't Be Trusted

Cybertruck, What Cybertruck? How 'Bout A 2000 Ford Ranger EV Instead

Norway: Plug-In EVs Captured Record 75% Of Market In March 2020

Evija EV Hypercar Will Influence All Future Lotus Models

Tesla Model Y Suspension Gets Some Munro & Associates Attention

Solaris' Recurring Customer Orders 20 More Electric Buses

Tesla Prepping 3-Row And RWD Model Y Crossovers For Delivery

Lucid Air Drives Over 800 Miles On Two Charges: SF to LA And Back

BYD And Toyota Officially Launch EV Tech Joint Venture

Bentley Expected To Unveil First EV In 2025: Range Of Up To 350 Miles

New Rivian Video On Factory Progress Is Heartbreaking

Thanks To April 1st, This Tesla Model S Did Not Become A Diesel Car

Tesla Model Y Cowl Cover Issue: Sandy Munro Suggests Improvements

UPDATE: Ford Mustang Mach-E Now Sold Out? Ford Says Orders Still Open

Atlis Virtual Battery Day Reveals Strategy

Mercedes CEO Details Electric Car Plans, Reaffirms EV Commitment

The Fascinating Story Behind The Electrified Garage & Rich Rebuilds

Due To Tesla's Salvage Policy, Model S Receives VW Diesel Engine

Total To Build France's Largest Li-Ion ESS Using Saft Batteries

Tesla Model Y Panel Gaps And Frunk Missing Parts: Sandy Munro Teardown

Plug In America Issues Statement on Trump's Fuel Efficiency Rollback

Tesla Model Y Competitors' List Is Longer Than You Could Imagine

Cree Introduces Wolfspeed 650V SiC MOSFETs For More Efficient EVs

Aiways To Open Online Reservations For U5 In Europe

Today The $1,875 Federal Tax Credit For GM Is Gone

Award-Winning Wallbox Quasar Home DC Charger Coming To U.S. This Year

After Hybrids, Jeep Will Move To Pure EVs

BMW Reveals Its Position In Plug-In EV Market Over Past 12 Months

Alleged Lathrop Employee Accuses Tesla Of Exposing Them To Risk

Liebherr Introduces First Fully Electric Truck Mixers

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