Ever wonder what the Tesla Cybertruck would look like if it took on a more racy, performance-oriented form? A lot like this, perhaps. Check out this racy Tesla truck.

here's no doubt in our minds that when the Cybertruck lands in the hands of owners that some will take an approach similar to this. By this we mean that some owners will lower the electric pickup truck and make is most suitable only for on-street duties. Others will surely raise the truck and add some knobby tires for an extreme off-road appearance, while most will leave the truck alone in its stock form.

This particular Cybertruck re-design comes to us via Khyzyl Saleem, who states this of the racy render over at his Art Station page:

Tesla Cybertruck Re-Design

A first look at my @teslamotors Cybertruck re-design!

Don't get me wrong, I love what Elon is doing in this industry, truly breaking those boundaries and the original design is bonkers, I just wanted to add my own flavour to it.

I modelled the truck as my base first, and altered a few body lines slightly just to make it a bit more interesting, its still a truck so went down the Trophy Truck esque route, oh, and I filmed me modelling the entire thing!

I added fenders that add a bit of curvature to the truck, but still tried to maintain the futuristic element to it. Bertone inspired, still the same size/scale as the original, just on the lowest height setting Genuinely had a blast with this one and happy with the outcome, I will make more renders to show the details properly!

Hope ya'll like it! Cyberpunk is ma realm, this was incredibly fun!

A video of the process was later uploaded to YouTube and feature at the top of our post here. Let us know what you think of this racy Cybertruck in comments.

Video description via The_Kyza on YouTube:

My first 3D related Timelapse! I figured I'd start with a vVideo of my Cybertruck Re-design I posted in November last year!

The first 10 minutes pretty much show the process of me developing the base design & then the last five feature some rendering snippets :).

I'm new to this and Video editing so please go easy!

(I know I know) I apologize for the screen layout in this video, I currently only have one monitor & fully forgot I was recording my screen whilst making this. I know things aren't really clear but I can assure you more Timelapses are coming! Let me know what else you'd like to see in the comment section!

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