There's one secret weapon on the Tesla Cybertruck and it's not often discussed. The reason is, it's so obvious that we just overlook it.

What do you think the secret weapon is? It has to do with the body of the electric pickup truck, but it's not the exoskeleton production method in which we've covered extensively. Like we said, it's more obvious than that. It's something you think about the moment stainless steel comes to mind.

Need a hint? Say goodbye to rust. Yeah, the secret weapon is really that simple. Stainless steel is almost impervious to rust and the Cybertruck's entire body is made from this rust-free material.

Of course, it's no secret that the Cybertruck is made of stainless steel and it's widely known that this material resists rust very welll, but in exploring all of the other genius technological breakthroughs linked to the Cybertruck, most of us ignore the simplest. This is a vehicle designed with a body that won't rust. That's welcoming news for anyone who lives in areas where road salt dominates in the winter or where ocean air destroys cars.

Is a stainless steel body or parts of a car entirely new though? No, but as this video shows, only a few cars have ever taken the stainless steel approach, which makes the Cybertruck rather unique. Check out the video for a bit of history and education on the use of stainless steel in the automotive world.

Video description via Nikola Garage on YouTube:

Elon Musk's newly unveiled Tesla truck delivers a smackdown to rust. I look at historic Fords, a Porsche 911, and Deloreans vs. the Cybertruck (all in stainless steel). How does rust fare against stainless steel, and why aren't there more cars made from this metal?

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