For a while now, we have been telling you about the HW 2.5 instead of HW 3.0 imbroglio in which Tesla currently is. Chinese clients started the riot and threatened to sue the company. Canadian and European customers are beginning to realize they have the same issue. In China, Tesla promised to replace the hardware. Elsewhere, the solution may be cheaper: giving HW 2.X owners the same functions the HW 3.0 offers, such as traffic cone visualization and auto lane change on NoA – Navigate-on-Autopilot – due to traffic cones. Will that work?

The first one to report HW 2.X owners will get these functions was Mr. Green, a hacker that has helped us multiple times to understand what was going on with Tesla products. Check his tweet below.


Mr. Green made a tweet thread to bring even more news to that first one. Some countries will get these changes faster than others, for example.


As we already reported, Mr. Green was the first to mention the new Launch Mode for Raven Model S and Model X units. Apparently, that will be part of the same update that will give HW 2.X the HW 3.0 functions affected clients miss.


Mr. Green even mentions the fact that Tesla had to give up on using the HAL 9000 interface on Sentry Mode due to an MGM copyright claim.


Some people pointed out that vehicles with MCUv1 already had auto lane change when using NoA, but Mr. Green stressed they did not have it when the car detected and visualized traffic cones. They will have it with MCUv2. Is this another reason for Tesla to finally offer the MCUv2 upgrade?

We wonder if Tesla owners that expected to get HW 3.0 in their cars will be satisfied with these functions. We guess that they will still demand the company to retrofit the HW 3.0 in their cars without the need to buy the FSD package for $7,000.


That will be even more likely if new functions come with future upgrades that only work with HW 3.0. If Tesla manages to offer them to all its cars, people may forget about that. They’ll just remember that the company said its cars would have all the hardware needed for full self-driving from April 23, 2019, on and that this was not accurate.

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