The video above shows a way to discover which version of Autopilot hardware you have on your Tesla. That became increasingly important since Tesla got framed in China for selling cars with HW 2.5 when it was expected to deliver HW 3.0. At this point, you probably also want to discover which hardware is in your Tesla. The good news is that you do not have to go through the disassembling shown above. There is a more straightforward method to find that out.

Thank Mr. Green for that. He's helped us in many articles, but we did not even have to ask him this time. Rodrigo Rocha did that for us and here is what Mr. Green told him:


We wish there were a video showing exactly what Mr. Green says we should do to learn which Autopilot hardware Tesla installed in each vehicle. Perhaps there is, but we could not find it. Whether you manage to follow his tips or go through the disassembling process in the video above, you may find it useful to know which HW your Tesla is equipped with. Especially if you're outside of China.

In that country, the government requires the manufacturers to describe what the cars have. Tesla informed the Chinese government it had installed HW 3.0 in the vehicles, but they actually had HW 2.5. 

HW 2.5: Chinese Government Does Not Take Tesla’s Coronavirus Excuse

That is why the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's First Division of Equipment Industry said Tesla was "illegally assembling HW 2.5 components" in its cars. It commanded the company to "immediately rectify" the vehicles. Tesla apologized to customers.

If someone tells you that this is no big deal since you will get HW 3.0 upgrade "for free," remember that only applies to people that have ordered FSD – for an extra $7,000. The clients who are complaining have not bought nor have the intention to buy FSD now. They were supposed to get HW 3.0 instead of HW 2.5. Some even explicitly asked for it, such as Gary Singh.

Why Have These MIC Tesla Model 3 Units Come With HW 2.5?

He is not the only one. TA joined SA and GF in their choice for anonymity but did not refrain from telling us his story.

“I have a Tesla Model 3 SR+ delivered on the 26th of September 2019. The car’s manufacture date is the first week of September 2019 – I received this information from Tesla. During the order process, I was assured that this car would have the latest HW 3.0. At the delivery, again I was assured the same, which is why I accepted it.”

Just like Singh, TA is asking Tesla to get this fixed. So far, to no avail.

“I have been trying to get this corrected at Tesla but I haven’t had much luck. I believe I was not sold what I was promised and I want to bring it to your attention. I believe in Tesla’s mission and want them to succeed but I don’t believe customers should be misled.”

Why Have These MIC Tesla Model 3 Units Come With HW 2.5?

Andrew B. also got in touch with InsideEVs with a similar story.

“I'm one of those customers. My vehicle was delivered to me in July. I believe it was built in June and it has HW 2.5. My understanding was it was supposed to be HW 3.0 but it didn't.”

B. mentioned something that may explain why Canadian customers were more prone to receive the HW 2.5 instead of the HW 3.0: Canada's EV incentives program.

“I think one of the sneaky tactics they use is, because of the $5,000 government incentive, there's no return of the vehicle. So, once you accept it you can't return it. The car was delivered to me so you naturally either accept it or don't. I didn't know it didn't have that at the time. I did not pay for full self-driving, of course, but the hardware should still have been there. I just wanted to let you know. Do you know of any course of action that I can take to get Tesla to give me what's supposed to be in the car? My sales contract doesn't have an actual spec of the vehicle anywhere. It doesn't say anything other than the fact that it has Autopilot and it's a Standard Range plus.”

Gallery: Why Have These MIC Tesla Model 3 Units Come With HW 2.5?

We wish we had a friendly and easy solution to give Andrew B., Singh, and our anonymous readers, such as "call Tesla and ask it to be upfront." Unfortunately, they have already tried that with no luck.

There is a lot Tesla could clarify to its clients. Why is it still delivering cars with HW 2.5 instead of HW 3.0 if all its cars after April 23, 2019, would "have the hardware necessary for full self-driving," as Tesla stated in the tweet above? Did the company change its mind to push customers to order the FSD package? Why is HW 2.5 still in production?

We have sent these and more questions to Tesla, and we hope the company takes this opportunity to explain how it is dealing with Autopilot hardware. If it doesn't, perhaps affected clients will have to join forces to ask for the same explanations.

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