You may remember, not long ago we shared a video produced by Bjørn Nyland that talked about why you shouldn't take a road trip from Norway to Spain in a Porsche Taycan. The video was based on the story of Erik Windahl Olsen's trip, which you can read here. In short, Olsen was not happy with the European charging network. He also points to issues with Porsche's Charging Planner. He was so upset he didn't want to make the return trip.

In an interesting turn of events, we stumbled upon Olsen's YouTube channel. This is because he recently had to republish a few of the videos after "A certain German car maker has found a reason to complain" about some of the content. We don't completely understand exactly what the German automaker's issue was or why the videos had to be taken down and censored. We also can't prove with complete certainty that this was the case, though it seems so.

At any rate, the videos are back up and they are highly informative. Olsen goes into great detail about the trip and his concerns with Porsche's Charging Planner. He even shares all his trip data on a Google Drive spreadsheet. We've included the "Charging Planner Safari" above, as well as a few other related videos below. You can visit the channel to see a few other related videos. Check it all out and then leave us a comment.

Video Description via Erik Windahl Olsen on YouTube:

Ep. 2 (censored): We realise Porsche has some work to do with the Charge Planner in the Taycan

Update April 14:
A certain German car maker has found a reason to complain on this episode as well. We are making adjustments and uploading a censored version. The story is still the same. Enjoy.

Too much action so we have to divide the day into two uploads. In this episode we wake up in Flensburg, Germany. We need to take a short detour back to Denmark before continuing on our journey. We get to try the Porsche Charge support hotline — let's just say the start of the day could have been better. Enjoy! Remember you can see trip data in this Excel:

Video Description:

Ep. 4 (censored): We get to unveil the Taycan a second time in France

We have been driving the Porsche Taycan all night through southern Germany, Switzerland and parts of France. A new day can start but southern France give us some challenges.

Even if we are in France, filming only French citizens, someone has complained on the original version of this film on the basis of a German law. Therefor section of this film where we visit a Porsche Centre is blurred out.

Video Description:

Ep. 7: Porsche Charge Planner & Intelligent Range Manager

We have talked a lot about issues with the Porsche Charging Planner and Intelligent Range Manager during our roadtrip. In this film we will summarise all the issues — and more importantly — talk about what Porsche should do to fix it. We also cover the reasons behind my "Porsche parking" at the Ionity charger in Bispingen, Germany. Enjoy and thanks for watching!


00:26: Porsche Parking
02:00: Thanks to TeslaBjørn
02:26: Intro to PCP and Intelligent Charge Planner
03:35: What is Porsche Charging Planner?
04:40: What is Porsche Intelligent Range Manager?
05:23: Usability Issues
07:22 Bugs & Issues
10:40: Greenwashing
12:15: When things go south

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