The Tesla Model Y is not immune from defects and this video review reveals exactly that. It seems Tesla build quality is still problematic. Should a new car have all of these issues?

The answer is no and more often than not, Tesla will fix small issues with the Model Y free of charge, but a better solution would be stricter quality control to catch problems on cars before they even get delivered to buyers.

Starting with the early Model 3s, Tesla earned a reputation for questionable build quality. Paint issues, uneven panels gaps, missing screws/bolts and a whole host of other problems appeared on the Model 3.

The thought was that by the time the Model Y arrived, all these little issues would be ironed out by Tesla and flawless or near-flawless cars would be delivered. That doesn't seem to be the case though, as we've pointed out here. And now this new video adds more to the topic of Tesla build quality and Model Y issues.

We should note that the Model Y featured in the video is one of the first sold in the U.S., but still, some issues include:

  • Condensation in the taillights
  • Uneven panel gaps
  • What appears to be an improperly attach seatback panel
  • Window trim moldings misaligned
  • Variable hood gaps
  • Wheel trim moldings way out of alignment
  • Tailgate sticks while raising up
  • Non-working release for rear seat
  • Rear seat won't go back up without flattening a panel that is not properly attached
  • Poor alignment of trim on inside of front door

Add it all up and those are a lot of issues, so should you wait to buy a Model Y until after Tesla has the initial bugs all worked out? You could or you could fully inspect the car before taking delivery.

The issue is that for $70,000, you'd expect stellar build quality and that's what you should receive, so take your time when buying a Model Y to make sure it's up to snuff.

Video description via Car Confections on YouTube:

Too many issues for a $70,000 vehicle?? Or is it just part of the Tesla charm? This Early-Build 2020 Tesla Model Y has some build-quality issues, and we talk about them all in this video. Click to find out how many we found! Would you still buy a Model Y or would you choose the better build quality of an Audi, BMW or Lexus??

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