The Model Y has just arrived, but we already know some issues you should check before buying yours.

After we wrote the buying guide for the Tesla Model 3, we wondered how soon it would be before we could do the same for the Model Y. One month and one day after its deliveries started, we already have a reasonable quantity of items for anyone interested in the Model Y to check out or think about before buying one. As a work in progress, we are sure there will be more stuff to add to this list with time.

Although the Model Y shares a lot of components with the Model 3, it was expected to improve the sedan in a lot of aspects, such as the rear panel – now composed of three large castings. Nonetheless, it may merely inherit some of the problems that the Model 3 has, and that is confirmed at least in one aspect: the paint.

Something else that helped us get more info was the Model Y teardown made by Munro & Associates. It is revealing fascinating stuff about the car, but also some flaws Tesla needs to correct as soon as possible. Until they are, these are some issues you need to know about. This is what this guide aims to help you with, as well as to help you have more joy than disappointment with your new EV. And here we go...

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