For many, the Model 3 was their chance to finally afford a Tesla. The car is still being praised by the media and clients alike, but some people are not happy with it. We do not mean the competition, but rather owners that had issues with it. Unfortunately, they are not just a small bunch. They saw the electric dream turn into a service nightmare, sometimes after only a few miles.

If you are considering buying a Model 3, this is a list you should have within reach – especially when taking delivery of your new EV. 

Tesla used to say you could return the car in up to 7 days for a full refund. If you did that, you could order a new one by paying a fee. The problem is that this must be happening more often than the company predicted. 

Tesla Model 3 charging

Instead of preventing the issues that made this more frequent, Tesla changed this procedure last summer. Now, if you refuse delivery, you can only order a new car after one year. And it has to be a more expensive one. It is a way to make more impatient clients overlook problems.

For sure some will call some of these issues minor. They will tell you to put up with them, but these guys would probably put up with having to buy an entirely new car just to “help the mission.” If you can afford that, congratulations. We have tried to classify them as light, mild or severe regarding the damages they can cause to the car or to the people involved.

Tesla Model 3

This article is for the ones that want to avoid a lousy ownership experience. Or for the ones that can’t or are not willing to pay for anything apart from a car in perfect shape. In case any of these hats fit, read our list, check the vehicle and return it if it is not up to your expectations. There is always a used one that could make you happy.

If you already bought one and miss anything that other buyers should be aware of, let us know. We’ll update this article with any new tip that is relevant until these issues are no longer a problem, and the Model 3 is a source of praise for critics, Tesla, and customers alike. All of them, preferably.

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