This Tesla race video gets right to the point rather quickly, though it still provides some nice visuals and drone footage. We'll warn you that the sound cuts out temporarily right after the initial dialogue, but it seems to be intentional. The drivers are speaking in Chinese, so there are subtitles. As soon as the video cuts to the start of the race, the audio returns. Wouldn't want to miss out on all the roaring engine sounds ...

We've published many a Tesla drag race videos. This is not because we have a thing for races or a need for speed, but to prove that EVs have the potential to perform incredibly well, despite what naysayers may believe. Typically, Tesla's vehicles win most of the races they engage in, though there are exceptions. The Tesla Model S is one of the quickest cars ever produced. The Model X crossover delivers unreal acceleration for a large crossover. Perhaps most surprising is that the entry-level Model 3 – and now Model Y – has proven such prowess.

We'll provide you with a few teasers here, but you should really just watch the short video for the results. We can say for sure that a Tesla wins this epic battle, so if you're a Tesla fan, you're in luck. On the flip side, if you're here to see a Tesla lose, it's sure to happen. It's the best of both worlds. There's something for everyone, right?

Check it out and leave us a comment below.

Video Description via JayinShanghai on YouTube:

Model S vs Model 3 vs Model X | Ultimate Tesla Drag Race in China

One of the latest episode on Drama Automan Show, they drag raced Tesla Model S vs Model 3 vs Model X against each other. Which one is the winner?
Video Credit: Drama Automan

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