One of the things InsideEVs is proud of is its broad international audience. We have readers all over the world, and this article is specially meant to our Dutch ones. If you live in the Netherlands, you can help us find this Citroën C3 driver that made quite a mess just for parking in a clumsy way.

If you have already watched the video above, you’ll notice that the C3 was parked very far from the Tesla Model 3 that shot it, probably occupying more than a parking space.

When the Citroën driver opens his car’s door, he just releases it, and it goes in high speed toward the door of the Tesla. If you have not watched it and think that could cause only a minor dent, look at the picture below.

Sentry Mode Hit-And-Run Video Shows You Can't Run Away From Tesla

Yes, that is what a door with plenty of room to open moving fast can cause to someone else’s car. It is also a substantial piece of evidence that parking correctly can save you time, money, and a lot of hindrances. The C3 driver thought he could do that just by fleeing the scene.

As usual, he was probably not aware that Tesla vehicles have Sentry Mode. Luckily, it was working and that this red Citroën C3 has the 53-SP-NG license plate.

Sentry Mode Hit-And-Run Video Shows You Can't Run Away From Tesla

We are not aware of Dutch laws regarding a hit-and-run. Although it is clear this was an accident, the Citroën driver should have tried to talk to the Tesla owner or at least left a note so that they could deal with the repair.

People commenting on the video asked why the Model 3 owner did not take the case to the Dutch police. Still, he said it is apparently not relevant enough for them to handle it – he was probably sarcastic. His insurance company could also use this to make the repair and sue the C3 owner, but he probably prefers to find this guy and ask him to pay for the damages himself.

Gallery: Sentry Mode Hit-And-Run Video Shows You Can't Run Away From Tesla

Whatever the Model 3 owner reasons are for not letting the insurance company or the police to deal with this, watch the video. If you can help, leave a comment here or in the video so that this person can be located. Dutch readers, helpen

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This makes me so angry! For the Dutch people: Would you please help me identify the driver of a red Citroën C3 that hit the Tesla Model 3 while parked in Den Haag? You can support this channel by liking this video. Thanks for watching, Autofiel

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