There was no competition involved, but Sandy Munro may be disappointed to read this. After all, he made a meaningful investment to buy a Tesla Model Y and tear it down on his Munro Live YouTube channel. Anyway, the secrets of the Model Y computers have been revealed by Mr. Green on Twitter. Some of them, at least.

The most interesting one is that the link has been upgraded. Now it can deal with 1 Gbps instead of 100 Mbps. That is quite an improvement for the current needs of the car, which leads us to the most critical question: why?


Mr. Green himself asks that. That is a good indication he will try to find it out as soon as possible.


Could that be a preparation for more functions related to Autopilot or FSD? This is undoubtedly what it looks like.

Could this be something restricted to the Model Y? We seriously doubt it. Tesla must have put the changes on the Model Y from the beginning because it has just started to be sold. The company will probably add them to its other vehicles shortly.

Some Model 3 owners even asked Mr. Green how they could check if they already had the new computers the Model Y presents. Although that is very unlikely, Mr. Green gave them a method for finding out what they have in their cars.


We also have some more questions. Tesla recently fulfilled the promise to upgrade MCUv1 cars with MCUv2 should their owners want that in the US. Will this MCUv2 already present these changes?

What about the HW 2.5 Tesla owners that were promised and want the HW 3.0? Will they get the HW 3.0 with the new high-speed ethernet link or the ones with 100 Mbps? In case you are among any of those groups, make sure you get the latest tech. Even if we have no idea what the improvement is all about, Tesla does.

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