Buying a new car is generally for peace of mind. You want an impeccable vehicle, hence accepting to lose some money right after you take delivery of it. Most cars lose around 20 percent of the value the moment they leave the dealership. Others may lose even more, but Tesla vehicles usually depreciate much less. That is surely no excuse for what Kenriko had to endure with his Model Y. Check out the video above, and you will see what we mean.

If you prefer to keep reading, the car presents many problems that make it difficult to believe this Model Y was not heavily used for years. The headliner is so dirty it seems a bunch of coal mine workers danced “YMCA” inside it in a rush to get home soon and wash their hands.

Most of the video is dedicated to showing all the spots on the headliner. Anyway, it also shows the door panels had scratches that were repaired with paint. Poorly repaired, we should add. These panels should have just been replaced.

Gallery: Touchless Delivery Of Tesla Model Y Leaves Owner Sure He Has A Used Car

The video also shows that the car had at least one curbed wheel and that the rear hatch is broken: it does not lift automatically, as it should. We have no idea if it can be opened manually due to that problem.

Touchless Delivery Of Tesla Model Y Leaves Owner Sure He Has A Used Car

This story came up when Kenriko decided to share it on Reddit. He informs us there are more problems the video did not show: scratches in the passenger seat and dings on both rear quarter panels. Above all, Kenriko informs that he has received his car through the touchless method Tesla developed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The issue with that is that there is no way to warn Tesla of the problems he found. In the standard delivery process, owners can point out issues and refuse to get the car if these problems are not fixed. With the touchless delivery, that is not possible.

Touchless Delivery Of Tesla Model Y Leaves Owner Sure He Has A Used Car

But it gets worse: Kenriko tried to warn Tesla. His appointment was canceled due to the COVID-19 risk. That problem also affected Tim Deslippe. He got in touch with us on April 2 and said this:

“I just received my Model Y yesterday. The finish is quite a mess. They’re doing no-touch deliveries, and now I understand why. They can drop it quickly, leave and book the sale before you can even look at the vehicle and complain. They called me about three or four times a day to ensure that I could accept the delivery before the end of the month (quarter). Now that the sale is complete, no one will return my calls to address all the paint issues. Not a good start!”

Touchless Delivery Of Tesla Model Y Leaves Owner Sure He Has A Used Car

That is not the first time Deslippe has problems with Tesla. He previously had a Model S and also faced difficult times with it, but decided to give it a try with the Model Y and had no way to return the car or at least to have the issues verified and fixed by the Service Center.

Touchless Delivery Of Tesla Model Y Leaves Owner Sure He Has A Used Car

For the traditional accusations “the club” makes that these guys are FUDsters or just want to harm Tesla, it is worth to know Kenriko more. He works with Tesla by selling wrap kits for its vehicles. At his Reddit post, he stated that he loves the car, but also thinks “that Tesla really should not have let the car leave the factory or the service center with these issues.”

Kenriko also ends his post with a saddened remark:

“The downvotes are discouraging... You can love Tesla the company, the mission and the cars (As I do) and still point out when they need to improve.”

Touchless Delivery Of Tesla Model Y Leaves Owner Sure He Has A Used Car

We understand that Tesla wants to keep delivering its vehicles, but it should create a way to address the complaints clients may have. Either that or deliver an impeccable brand new car that will not have issues, but it would probably already done that if it could.

Did you also have similar problems with the touchless delivery system Tesla created? If you did, let us know your stories and suggestions on how Tesla could improve this delivery process. In the meantime, we advise you to be really careful in taking your car with the touchless process. Although some can have a pleasant experience with that, this does not seem to be the rule.

Sources: Kenriko YouTube Channel and Reddit via Carscoops

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