Chris Harris once said that he was really impressed with the Tesla Model 3. Despite that, he considered not buying one because he enjoyed the product, not “the club” around it. JP Sears decided to present what this club is in the most sarcastic way we have ever seen. You will either get a good laugh at it or groan and curse the man for this video portrait. Either way, it is a fantastic warning not to be the people portrayed. Unfortunately, JP Sears based this on true stories.

The comedian starts the video by saying that, as a Tesla owner, his “self-identity is wrapped up” in his car. He also uses expressions like “Tesla-owning heart” to point his fingers to people that don’t buy a six-figure vehicle that is good for the environment.

We’re sure you have seen some characters that do the same, only in real life. They defend Tesla no matter what, bash customers that are just seeking a remedy for problems their cars present, and name as FUD anything that may call the company to act, even if it is just responsibly.

This JP Sears’s creation also says he does not understand why more people do not do it and that his real point is to pretend to care for the environment, but making sure people know you are rich.

This JP Sears Tesla Ownership Satire Will Make You Laugh Or Groan

The comedian also makes fun of Tesla features, such as Autopilot, Falcon Doors, Holiday Show, and Tesla Arcade, but he does not name them as the company does. The only one that gets his proper name is Ludicrous Mode.

JP Sears also mocks Tesla Service Centers and their long waiting lines, and the cult of personality that exists around Elon Musk. It is just a pity he misses the point in some of these humorous criticisms.

Tesla Arcade Menu in the Model 3

Tesla Arcade exists to make waiting in Superchargers less boring, not to be the “world’s most expensive video game system.” Even getting electricity from coal power plants, an EV can be less pollutant than a regular car because it is much more efficient. 

Finally, the most significant environmental gain provided by electric cars is more breathable air in big cities. China is well aware of that with its many 30 million people urban agglomerates, hence the incentives.

Severe smog and air pollution in Beijing

If he had those things in mind, he could have kept the video as acid as are his references to Tesla supporters, but properly overwhelming because it would not be a fallacy.

Have a look at the video and let us know what you think about it. Did it make you laugh or mad? Would you send the video to anyone you know, especially to see their reactions to it? What about “the club?” Does it help or harm Tesla? The video proposes polarizing discussions. Make sure you join them with a light spirit and the certainty that you are not one of those guys JP Sears took inspiration from. They exist.

Video Description Via AwakenWithJP On YouTube:

Owning a Tesla is the best way to pretend to save the environment while looking rich. Tesla owners are not only the biggest fans of Elon Musk, but they also know that owning a six figure electric car that's very taxing on the environment is the best way to care for the environment.

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