Tesla had record deliveries in the Q4 2019. It is about to start the production of the Model Y in China. Its good news makes the ones coming from the competition look even worse. Volkswagen has postponed deliveries of the ID.3 to August due to software issues. Porsche presented a meager range for the Taycan. Daimler sold only 55 units of the Mercedes-Benz EQC in Germany. That is when someone called Juan Joya Borjas to give his analysis on the situation.

If you have never heard of him, first check out what he has to say in the tweet below. We advise you to watch it when you can have the sound on. It is an inescapable part of a full experience.


What did you think of the analysis? If you are Spanish or you speak the language, you probably realized how what he said had nothing to do with the subtitles. That’s because it did not: this is all a joke.

Juan Joya Borjas is a Spanish comedian known as “El Risitas,” or “Giggles.” This video became viral in 2015 because you laugh even if you do not understand a single word of Spanish. His laughter is contagious, and the footage is ever since used to make fun of numerous subjects, from Brexit to Tesla competition, as you have just seen.

How Are Germany's Tesla Killers Playing Out?

Despite being a cheerful way of telling what is currently happening, we have to say we are glad to see legacy automakers trying to sell EVs. The problem is no Tesla-killers to date have not even scratched the surface of what the American EV company does or offers.

Many have tried to adapt their current cars to have electric powertrains. The few that conceived these cars from the ground up to be electric still develop and produce them in the same fashion they do that with their combustion-engined products.

porsche taycan vs tesla model s

One of Tesla’s goals was to have other companies trying to sell EVs. That mission has been accomplished. Now, it patiently waits for these guys to offer a vehicle that will have not only buyers but fans. So desirable that customers – many – will put deposits and wait for months, if not years, until they are presented. While they don’t, we suspect "El Risitas" will keep on laughing. Contagiously.

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