Tesla now offers four models. It is a successful company, years ahead of competitors in what relates to EVs. But it only got there because of the solid stepping stone: the Tesla Roadster. Gruber Motor Company is specialized in recovering these pioneers. The video above shows one of the most special roadsters ever created: it is the only one to present an exposed carbon-fiber body.

You’ll notice that the bumpers do not use that material. We have no idea if the car looks good despite that: the video shows it only inside a building. The reason for that is that Gruber Motor Company is still recovering the battery pack of this unique EV. We hope it also makes a video when it is finally able to leave that building on its own.

The exposed carbon fiber is not the only unusual thing about this Roadster. According to Pete Gruber, the company’s founder, it also has more substantial brakes. That was a test for the so-called WhiteStar project, which created the Model S. The car is also one of the two that came with a limited-slip differential. Tesla gave up on the idea when it noticed the Roadster had too much torque for these differentials to handle.

In the rear, this EV also presents dual brake calipers. The final touch of exclusivity on this EV is the suede inserts on the seats, but we doubt people would notice that with all the other eye-popping details this Roadster has.

Apart from the exposed carbon fiber Roadster, Gruber also presents other Roadsters with exciting stories. As we have told you based on Out of Spec Motoring videos, the company also recovers Model S units, some of them salvage vehicles. Gruber must also be very disappointed with Tesla’s new Unsupported Vehicle Policy.

Video Description Via Maximilian Gruber On YouTube:

“A look at the only carbon fiber Tesla roadster created. 

Pete Gruber, CEO of Gruber Motor gives insight to the beautiful car.”

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