You have probably followed our texts on the Gruber Motors special videos. If you haven’t, we strongly recommend that you take a look at what the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube has created about this very interesting company.

We first reported about the overview video of Gruber Motors, which became specialized in recovering bricked Tesla Roadster cars. The second text we wrote was related to all the details the Tesla Roadster hides when it relates to maintenance and, most of all, not ever getting a bricked battery pack!

Unfortunately, this one is the last video of the series, but it is probably the best one. It brings the stories of the cars that Gruber bought or that is just in charge of putting back on the streets.

Again, it reminds us that the Roadster was not meant to ever be discharged. If you have one, remember to never let it without energy or without assistance, since its cells start to destroy themselves without energy.

As Model S units are also starting to get to the shop, we have also discovered some interesting things about the vehicle. Such as… check the video and you’ll find them out!

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

3/3 - Kyle travels to Phoenix, AZ to meet with Gruber Motor Company.  In this final episode with Gruber we explore how Tesla vehicles end up salvaged or bricked.  Some are driven into deep water, some were crashed, and some were neglected and never charged.  

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