When we told you about an obliterated Tesla Model 3 Performance for sale on eBay on April 10, we knew it would be popular. It deserved enough attention to have Alex Guberman, from the E for Electric YouTube channel, to go there, check it out and drive it. More than that, Guberman revealed one of the most intriguing aspects of this thing. It is not restricted to regular charging. It also Supercharges!

Why is that so surprising? Because of the new Tesla Unsupported Vehicle Policy. It stated that all salvage vehicles from the company would be blocked from supercharging and even fast charging. As the video above shows, that is not accurate.

More Weird Tesla Model 3 News:

Rich Benoit, from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, recently warned its viewers that Tesla was only blocking Model S and Model X units from supercharging. Salvage Model 3 units were still able to supercharge with no problem. Benoit said that was probably a money reason: most Model 3s have to pay for that, while many Model Ss and Model Xs allegedly had supercharging for life – something that did not prove to be accurate as well.

Gallery: Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Performance

These vehicles received the software updates 2019.16.1 or 2019.16.2, which capped the voltage of their battery packs. That restricted range and made supercharging take much more time than usual, which caused some owners to sue Tesla. They claim the company is trying to hide safety issues with the batteries of these cars. That may also be a strong reason for the new Unsupported Vehicle Policy.

Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Performance Sold For $15,599: It Supercharges!
Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Performance Sold For $15,599: It Supercharges!

If safety was really a concern, how would this destroyed Model 3 Performance still be able to supercharge? It just sold for $15,599. Although we have no idea what the new owner will do with it, we bet he or she will like that. For as long as it lasts – and that may as well be for life if Tesla does not change its mind again.

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