There may not be much happening inside some of the various facilities run by Rivian these days, but that doesn't mean the work is at a complete halt. In fact, a new entry on the outfit's blog makes the case that while having its staff working remotely may have messed with logistics, productivity remains high.

Not only are software engineers able to connect with each other from their homes, one has even found a way to "control diagnostic settings and stream real-time data" on a vehicle sitting attached to suspension testing equipment on the other side of the country. Check out the gif (below) of the R1T pickup truck "getting jiggy with it" at Morse Measurements in Salisbury, North Carolina. From his kitchen table in California, a vehicle dynamics team named Pete can control "diagnostic settings and stream real-time data into his computer." Golf clap.

This latest update also includes a pre-lockdown video (top) of an R1T pickup truck being assembled by a team as Prototype Manager Mike Vu describes parts of the process. This includes the marriage of the "skateboard" with the "tophat" – essentially attaching the body-in-white to the drivetrain-integrated chassis. Curiously, heated adhesive plays a role in holding the vehicle together. 


Rivian also gave us an up-close glimpse of its latest test-vehicle camouflage design. It is, they say, based on an interpretation of its Compass logo, but has been turned into something else: a camp-inspired vehicle wrap. We like it, and it makes us wonder if customers would as well. Let us know in comments if you'd consider a from-the-factory finish like this.

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Finally, if you like this funky wrap or just Rivian-related things in general, you're going to want to check out this downloadable activity book (PDF). With line drawings to color and puzzles to complete, it's perfect for kids of all ages and their parents. Enjoy!

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