You may or may not remember, but about a month ago we shared a video with you about a modified Tesla Model 3. It wasn't your typical modification, but instead, the car was part snowmobile/tank and part car due to apparatuses attached to its rear end.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: We're not even going to try to figure out the truth here. This Tesla Model 3 owner has now admitted to lying multiple times. On April Fool's Day, Michael published a video showing how much he abused his Model 3 prior to Tesla voiding its warranty.

Michael also admitted that he was lying when he said Tesla eventually honored the warranty. He says he did it to get people talking and increase engagement. He also says he doesn't think it was the "tank tracks" that caused the motor to fail, but instead, the other abuse. However, we've seen plenty of Model 3s put through the paces without failing, though this is the first we've seen with tank tracks.

At this point, we honestly don't know what to believe. What we do know is that Michael abused his car. We sure hope Tesla didn't honor the car's warranty. We also know this guy can't be trusted and his admitted motivation is to get your clicks. We won't be giving him or his channels any more of our attention.

To be more clear, Tesla owner and YouTuber Michael (@lowlifeduramax) installed snowmobile-like parts on the rear of his rear-wheel-drive Standard Range Plus Model 3 to help it with traction in the snow. The setup was strange since the track extended so far outward from the car. We said it would likely place stress on the suspension of the vehicle.

Fast-forward to the present and Michael's Model 3 is out of commission. After owning it for only three months, its drive units and rear axle are damaged. Interestingly, he tweeted "Tesla voided my warranty on a 3 month old 2020 Model 3 and jabbed me with a $4500 bill on a failed motor." He made sure to include CEO Elon Musk and Tesla in the tweet. Needless to say, it got plenty of people's attention. Sadly, we can't see the tweet anymore because, for some strange reason, Michael locked his Twitter account. However, we do have a screenshot.

At any rate, Michael went on and on about how the Model 3 is "weak" and it should have been able to handle this. He mentioned that he's done this to trucks before and they were able to handle it. Michael even went on to say that Tesla says its Model 3 is "built like a truck" and has a motor that will last one million miles. However, none of this really matters. According to the car's warranty, Michael is out of luck.

While he locked his Twitter account, it seems he forgot about his YouTube channel and Instagram account. We've included the related video below, which we covered here about a month ago. He also used his Model 3 in a tug-of-war contest against some trucks, so that may explain some of the damage too. Check it all out and then leave us your comments.

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