Most of you must be anxious to learn what is the rear casting structure the Tesla Model Y has. Elon Musk already said it was part of an “advanced manufacturing method,” and we had many specialists talking about it. While tearing the Model Y down, Sandy Munro called it “rear mega casting.” He also gave us the best glimpse so far of that cast part, which happens to be three of them.

Before anything else, the engineer talks to viewers and answers their complaints. The first one is the noise coming from the heat pump. Although a video already showed the Model Y is quieter than the Model 3, the customer that talked to Munro says he does not like the sound. That is probably a protest not on the sound level but rather about it being annoying.

In the video, Munro said he got a call from Tesla. The company told him a similar sort of case that goes around the eAC compressor on the Model 3 would be made for the heat pump on the Model Y. If you already own the electric crossover, remember to ask Tesla to get yours when it is available.

A Model Y owner called Eric Jacobs told Munro he could not set the dual-zone climate control properly unless he uses voice control. He also said there is something wrong about Munro’s theory that the third row will have rear-facing seats. Probably because of the videos that have already shown the third row will face the front of the car, as we published back on December 3, 2019, and also below.

In official pictures and at the Model Y official page, the third row also seems to face and fold forward, as you can see below. Check the third-row seatbelts: they are mounted for forward-facing seats. The engineer probably thinks it will be rear-facing to use the available space better. Either that or he knows something we do not, but we think it is doubtful that Tesla changes the production version that much. 

Tesla Model Y (design studio)

Munro confirms there is a heater on the front bumper for the radar, as Mr. Green revealed a while ago on Twitter. Jacobs also complains that Tesla has dropped the auto-dim for the wing mirrors, and he would like to have that back.

After talking about these doubts from viewers, Munro gets to the part that interests us the most: the rear casting. As we already said, it is not one, but three parts if we count the large cast bracket that joins the two massive castings together. 

Tesla Model Y Cast Parts Are Made At The Lathrop Facility

They are also welded and bolted in their position, according to Munro. When we were about to give up on understanding how the cast parts are and how they work, waiting for the next video, we saw that the video's thumbnail explain everything.

Have a good look at the image below. You'll see there is a casting for each side of the vehicle. These cast parts are joined by a cast bracket on their rear portion and by a stamped bracket at the front. All these parts are made of aluminum and they have a stamped aluminum panel in the middle as well.

The Tesla Model Y Rear Mega Casting Reveals Itself In Video Teardown

Munro also comments about the trunk bucket and asks why Tesla has not made the frunk bucket and the trunk bucket interchangeable to save on parts. He also wonders if the trunk bucket can be adopted by the Model 3. That would probably imply developing a rear mega casting for the sedan as well.

The last surprise Munro showed in the video is a removable plastic cover right in the middle of the rear bumper of the Model Y. It will probably be used to allow access to a detachable hitch if the Model Y is able to tow anything in the future without swiftly depleting the charge.

Sandy Munro Model Y teardown

The engineer said goodbye stating we will soon see other faces in the Munro Live videos. They will be made by the other members of Munro & Associates, who will disassemble doors and other components at their homes.

Munro will be the one taking care of the more prominent parts, such as the body and the battery pack. There seems to be one more big casting at the front of the car. Will future videos confirm that? We can’t wait to see them.

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