We set out to tow a trailer with the Tesla Model 3 and were surprised to find out Autopilot works while towing, but energy use is insanely high.

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Back to the towing task at hand. InsideEVs YouTube host Kyle Conner meets up with a Ben, a friend and the owner of the stealth Tesla Model 3 Performance featured in this towing video. The two load up the trailer and set out to get some more gear en route to the InsideEVs test track and video HQ.

What will the energy consumption be? Will the Model 3 make it to the Supercharger along the route? Will the only Supercharger stall that's set up to accommodate trailers be available when the Model 3 arrives?

A lot of questions. It's time to seek the answers and there's only one way to find out. Hit the road with us as we tow with the Model 3. A word of warning for those who like to see energy consumption at a minimum, you won't find that here. Let's tow and consume those electrons like there's no tomorrow.

Video description via InsideEVs on YouTube:

Everything You Need to Know About Towing w/ Tesla Model 3

Thinking about towing a trailer with your Tesla? This video goes in-depth on what to expect when you tow with a Model 3.

You can find the hitch and kit here: https://www.etrailer.com/hitch-2019_Tesla_Model+3.htm

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