While many people have pointed out the road and wind noise in the Tesla Model 3, findings aren't necessarily consistent. Of course, it's not going to have the level of high-quality sound-deadening materials of some German luxury cars. Added to that, since its powertrain makes almost no sound, there's not much to mask outside noises in the Tesla

We've heard now on a few occasions that the Model Y has better insulation and door seals than the Model 3. In addition, some owners have reported that it just feels more substantial and seems to be built with some higher quality materials. However, this is all subjective.

A true test of the Model Y's road noise requires a decibel meter. Then, we can compare the cabin noise to that of the Model 3's. Still, there are other factors, such as the model year of the Model 3 (changes may have been made), the amount of wind during testing, the amount of other road noise/traffic during testing, etc.

YouTuber and Tesla owner Ryan Wallace sets out to determine if the Model Y's interior is quieter than the Model 3's. According to his decibel meter, the results are as follows:

Tesla Model 3

  • 60.1 (parked)
  • 71.4 (acceleration test max read)
  • 67.6, 70.6 (lowest / highest read on highway)

Tesla Model Y

  • 59.5 (parked)
  • 71.2 (acceleration test max read)
  • 67.7, 69.5 (lowest / highest read on highway)

Video Description via Ryan Wallace on YouTube:

Is Model Y Quieter?

I wanted to compare the interior sound on the Model 3 to the Model Y. Is the Model Y quieter than the Model 3? This is a db meter test...

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