It appears Tesla is getting set up to begin delivering less expensive rear-wheel-drive Model Y crossovers. In addition, people who ordered a Model Y with the optional third row are receiving emails asking for details to finalize the delivery process.

Tesla launched its Model Y all-electric crossover many months ahead of schedule. As is its standard practice, it's only delivering two-row all-wheel-drive Performance and Long Range models at this time. These are the higher-margin vehicles, which must be sold first. Later, more variants will become available. More specifically, rear-wheel-drive cars and three-row configurations.

Ever since Tesla started deliveries of the Model Y, there have been questions and confusion about which vehicles are available for immediate delivery, which are coming soon, etc. This is because Tesla sent emails to reservation holders and/or updated people's online order pages with confusing language. For example, we heard from some Model Y reservation holders that were told to "prepare for delivery" though they had ordered a three-row or RWD car.

At this point, the first batch of new Model Y owners were told their cars would be delivered between March 15 and March 31. Clearly, a number of Model Y crossovers have been delivered, but we have no way of knowing for sure how many. Moreover, we know of people who were promised that delivery window and have yet to get their vehicle. On the flip side, some reservation holders had their delivery date moved up and got their car ahead of schedule.

According to Electrek, some reservation holders who ordered the rear-wheel-drive Model Y Long Range have already been asked to provide Tesla with their payment information and trade-in details. Our friend and contributor Dan Zorrilla has a reservation for a Model Y Long Range (RWD) with the optional third row. He received the following information in an email on March 22:

Hi Daniel,

Welcome to our Tesla Family!

I wanted to reach out in regards to collecting your Payoff information.

Due to credit union policy, they are requiring the customer to be present on the call in order to obtain your current vehicles payoff information. Could you please contact them and provide us with the following pieces of information:

10 day payoff balance
Per Diem (Daily interest)
Payoff due date

Once we have the above information, we can finalize the delivery process as soon as possible.

Do you have a Model Y reservation? Please let us know which version you ordered and if Tesla has contacted you about taking delivery soon.

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