InsideEVs tagged along for the very first delivery of a Tesla Model Y in North Carolina. We sent our video crew out to see what it was like and here we present exclusive coverage of an early Model Y delivery.

Befitting a delivery video, you'll see us arrive at the Tesla store, check out the exterior of the car and then take a look around the interior. Of course, we open the hatch up to show the space within and present a look at the frunk before driving off for a whole series of tests, which we'll feature here on InsideEVs in the coming days and weeks.

This isn't the very first Model Y delivered, but it's certainly among the early batches of deliveries and the first in the state of North Carolina, as previously mentioned. If you see some familiar faces in the video that's because we've featured both individuals here on InsideEVs on several occasions, so we figured a collaboration makes perfect sense. We'll more fully introduce you to our new YouTube channel and the video team soon, but since a Model Y delivery event is just so timely, we figured we'd lead with this delivery video instead.

This video is the first in a new series of videos we hope to present on a weekly basis. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see covered in video form by our InsideEVs video crew then let us know in comments and we'll consider your ideas for future episodes.

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Video title and description via InsideEVs US On YouTube:

Taking Delivery of the First Tesla Model Y in Charlotte, NC!

Kyle meets up with Brian from the i1Tesla YouTube channel to take delivery of a brand new Tesla Model Y Performance. This car is specced to be Performance Upgraded model with 21" wheels, lowered suspension, and a more powerful braking system. Join Kyle and Brian as they are one of the very first people to take delivery of Tesla Model Y!

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