There are no reports of Jason Voorhees delivering the Tesla Model Y. Anyway, the first deliveries really happened on Friday the 13th or, more precisely, on March 13, 2020, way ahead of when they were expected to begin. Ben Sullins, from the Teslanomics YouTube channel, had the chance to inspect one of the first delivered vehicles – if not the very first – and hardly had anything to criticize.

This Model Y was delivered to a client in California. We would not doubt if he's Josh Welsh, the same guy that made this video we showed you on Friday 13. If you are wondering about the specs, it was a blue Performance unit with the Upgrade package included. The EV has the gorgeous 21-in Überturbine wheels and a lowered suspension. Although they make the Model Y look much better, they are also the only point Sullins criticizes about the new Tesla.

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Apart from that, the youtuber says the car looks much better in person than in pictures. He also praises how spacious and practical it is, with rear seats that are easy to fold down. However, the trunk is so big people will only need to fold the seats if they have to carry longer objects, such as bicycles or surfboards.

Sullins also talks about a much larger frunk and two compartments under the trunk that ensure you can carry much more stuff than meets the eye.

The youtuber had the chance to compare the Model Y to a Model 3 and a Model X. Surprisingly, it is almost as tall as the more prominent SUV and much larger than the sedan. The panoramic glass roof provides a lot of headroom, something that will please taller occupants.

Tesla Model Y images production spec

The only thing Sullins would have done differently would be the big Überturbine wheels. They make the range drop from 315 mi to 280 mi. He argues that, if they were smaller, they would probably provide more range and better ride quality.

Considering he is already willing to buy 19-in aftermarket copies of these beautiful wheels, Tesla would better consider offering them itself. Not that the Model Y needs to be any more profitable than it already promises to be, but Tesla can always make more money to prove it is a viable business.

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