Tesla's love for movies is no surprise for anyone familiar with the company. The Cybertruck presentation with a Blade Runner theme was just the latest reference to the cinema world. Remember the Ludicrous mode or the Model S Plaid. We just did not expect Tesla to refer to one of the most famous horror franchises ever, even less so with the Model Y. No, it is no mention to any humpback – as Bob Lutz once said – but rather to the delivery date: Friday The 13th, if reservation holders are correct.

Gallery: Tesla May Start Model Y Deliveries On Friday The 13th

Most information comes from a shared spreadsheet on Google docs – the "Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker" – that reveals people in California and Washington had their delivery dates confirmed for March 13, also known as next Friday. If these guys have their EVs that day, we can only expect that more people that are not involved with making this spreadsheet are also on the list.

Videos with trucks carrying Model Y units reinforce that expectation. They are all over YouTube, such as the one we have embedded above. Do you know anyone that is about to receive their Model Ys? Who was the first client able to get behind the wheel of Tesla's new car? Tell us if you learn who he or she is.

As we have told you in a previous article, the Model Y is 187 in (4.75 m) long, 75.6 in (1.92 m) wide, 64 in (1.62 m) tall. It has a 113.8 in (2.89 m) wheelbase and a curb weight of 4,416 lbs (2,003 kg), but the technical specifications are barely what we most wanted to know about the car. 

Tesla May Start Model Y Deliveries On Friday The 13th

We're more curious about its wiring harnesses and "advanced manufacturing methods," which may have made it the vehicle Elon Musk wanted the Model 3 to be. We hope Tesla reveals more about that before Jason Voorhees starts delivering the Model Y around in his favorite day. It would also help if Model Y buyers are not superstitious.

Source: Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker via Teslarati

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