This Tesla Model 3 owner recently took delivery of a brand-new Model Y. He made this video to compare real-world home-charging of the Model Y to the Model 3. At first glance, it seemed like he was just going to provide exactly that, some charging comparisons. However, he points to a few concerns he has with the Model Y, and he's reaching out to the Tesla community for some answers.

According to Jeremy Halbert, the Model Y whines and makes a lot of high-pitched sounds while charging. He also says it takes about 20 minutes to warm up the battery and begin charging more rapidly. The reason he brings this up is that his Model 3 doesn't act in the same way. It begins charging at the full rate nearly immediately, and there's little sound.

Have you experienced this with the Model Y, the Model 3, or any Tesla for that matter? A few YouTube commenters say they've experienced the same issue with the Y. It's coming from the front end of the car, so it's likely the sound of the heat pump. The Model Y is the only Tesla with a heat pump, so this makes sense. Another user says it has to do with the drive motor generating heat for the cabin and the battery.

In terms of the slow charging rate ramp up, one person says he was told on Tesla forums that it's normal due to the cold temps, which is correct. However, wouldn't the Model 3 do the same thing then? Perhaps this has something to do with heat pump as well? Halbert admits that the issue is definitely more present when it's cold.

Halbert is taking his Model Y in for service soon since his hatch only closes half the time when he uses the auto-close feature. He's hoping he can get an explanation of the situation from Tesla service.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is it correct to assume this is all just related to the Model Y's heat pump or drive motor? Share your wisdom and experience with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Jeremy Halbert on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y vs 3 - Real world difference in home charging

My Tesla Model Y and Model 3 act drastically differently when charging at home on our NEMA 14-50 charger. The Y whines and makes a lot of noise, and takes 20 minutes to warm up the batteries, whereas the Model 3 starts charging at the full rate almost immediately, with no noise.

If anyone has a Model 3 that charges slowly at first while conditioning the batteries, or a Model Y that charges immediately all the time, please post in the comments so I can identify whether mine is an anomaly or not. Thanks.

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