This Tesla Model 3 owner insists the Model Y is simply a better vehicle than the Model 3. It's hard to argue with his reasoning, but let's not forget that the Model Y is more expensive, it's a first-year model, and many of its variants are not yet available.

We've seen a plethora of videos and articles asking if the Tesla Model Y is better than the Model 3. This makes perfect sense since the Model 3 is an incredibly popular electric car that many people across the globe are already familiar with. However, we haven't shared an over-abundance of these videos and articles since the decision between these cars comes down to your individual lifestyle and personal priorities.

The Model 3 beats the Model Y in price, range, and performance. Aside from that, the Model Y is a better vehicle overall, right? It has more passenger and cargo space, a heat pump, a heated Autopilot radar, more ground clearance, off-road assist, etc. To see the two cars' specs compared in convenient charts, click here. For an outstanding review of the Model Y, follow this link.

With the above said, it's clear the Model Y offers pros and features the Model 3 does not. However, if you don't need the space, the ground clearance and mild off-road capability, and the heat pump and radar (you live in an area with a warm climate), then it may not make sense to graduate to the Model Y.

Once you've watched the video and visited the related links, let us know your choice in the comment section below.

Video Description via Frugal Tesla Guy on YouTube:

3 Reasons to trade my Tesla Model 3 for the Y

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