InsideEVs presents its exclusive Tesla Model Y video review. We hit the road with the Y, then slide it around our track before heading for the dirt and mud and climbing some hills.

InsideEVs YouTube host Kyle Conner gets hold of an early Tesla Model Y and takes it to the InsideEVs track. From there, Conner hits the public roads to test out the Model Y under conditions that most owners will experience. Conner considers the Y to be the best Tesla yet and yes, he's driven them all. On the road, the Y is an absolute delight. With that discovery, it's time to head back to the track.

How does the Model Y perform when being pushed to the limit? Is it a match for the Model 3. Kyle answers those questions and more while drifting the Model Y around the track and doing som flat-out runs.

Now it's time to get the Y dirty. Kyle takes the Y offroading and tests out the vehicle's Off-Road Assist feature. Next up is some dirt and mud. Surprisingly, the Y fares well even off the roadway, though it's not likely to see use such as this by most owners.

Model Y In The Dirt

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Video description via InsideEVs on YouTube:

Kyle was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the brand new Tesla Model Y for a full first-drive review for the InsideEVs new YouTube channel.

Brian from the i1Tesla YouTube channel graciously lent the car to InsideEVs to use for this test. In this review, they take the car on the road to simulate a daily driving scenario, to the InsideEVs test track to see how Model Y handles performance driving, and off the road to test the new Off-Road Assist feature.

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