This Tesla owner reminds us that you might want to wait a bit before you take delivery of your Tesla Model Y. This is not to say it's a bad car or an unworthy option. With any first-year model, there are always potential concerns and important considerations. The Model Y has a bit of an edge over other cars since it's built on a Model 3 platform and shares many parts, but there are still other reasons that may make rushing a bad idea.

There's always a whole lot of buzz about Tesla vehicles. This is especially true when a new vehicle like the Model 3, Model Y, or Cybertruck are revealed. Once these vehicles come to market, it seems there's a mad rush to take delivery. While it's great that people are super excited to buy an EV, it's important to relax, remain calm, do your homework, and take your time to make an informed decision.

Tesla Canuck lists five reasons you should wait to buy your Model Y. His list of suggestions is as follows. He points out that it's in no particular order:

  • Early production run (first-year model)
  • Tesla could cut prices
  • Feature packages may change
  • Tesla may offer more for your trade-in once Model Y buzz slows
  • Model Y not yet eligible for referral program

What do you think? Did you already take delivery? Are you going to wait a bit? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Tesla Canuck on YouTube:

5 Reasons to Wait BEFORE you buy a TESLA MODEL Y

The Tesla Model Y is the talk of the town, but should you wait to buy one? Here are 5 reasons to wait before you buy a Model Y (if you can wait).

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