This is the theory this E For Electric video defends.

Saying the Tesla Model Y will succeed because it is a crossover is no longer enough. It is obvious that having an affordable product in a relevant market segment makes a difference. That said, what does the new Tesla have to make it a true success? Two youtubers think it will do really well not only to EV clients. Alex Guberman, from E For Electric, and Eli Burton, from My Tesla Adventure, believe it can be the ideal first EV for many. 

The video above explains that. It starts with the obvious but gets more deeply into the reasons for that belief. The most important one is that the Model Y is a roomy vehicle. 

While the Model 3 was the most affordable Tesla, it did not offer enough space for a lot of families’ needs. You name it: sports – listen well, soccer moms – trips… People need to carry a lot of stuff around, and the Model 3 just did not offer them the necessary roominess.

The second aspect for the Model Y’s expected success is affordability. According to Guberman, Kelley Blue Book says most new car purchases are in the range of $35,000 to $36,000. That is more or less what a Model Y will cost. And that is just the start of the advantages of buying an EV brings.

Can The Tesla Model Y Be The Ideal First EV For Most Customers?

Burton remembers that it is cheaper to run an EV than a combustion-engined car. He mentions he feels safer driving a 100,000-mi electric car than he did driving an ICE automobile with the same mileage. Greg Carter, from the AA, agrees with him and says EVs are very reliable vehicles.

Finally, Guberman and Burton mention that the last barrier is not properly related to the car, but rather to how to keep it running: charging. Both believe this is what may still keep people away from an EV, even if it is a Model Y, which checks so many of regular car buyers’ demands boxes. Do you agree with them? Are they missing any points? Discuss that below with our other readers.

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