Rumors suggest that the upcoming plug-in hybrid Ford F-150 pickup truck will only go about 10 miles in electric mode before switching over to gas power.

***UPDATE: Ford says that Car And Driver got it wrong and states that the automaker has no immediate plans for a plug-in hybrid F-150.


Word of this comes via Car And Driver. The publication states:

Ford also will offer the first plug-in hybrid in the half-ton-truck market, with an electric motor sandwiched between a turbo V-6 and a 10-speed auto. Electric range will probably exceed 10 miles, but only when commuting unladen. Do F-150 buyers really want a truck with a plug? Ford is doubling down that they will.

The wording is a bit odd in that it says "probably will exceed 10 miles," which means it could be ten miles, maybe more or perhaps even less. Car And Driver makes this statement without any supporting evidence, so let's hope it's just an incorrect guess. At 10 miles of electric range, would a plug-in hybrid Ford F-150 be of interest to you?

Let's remember though that Ford will also offer a pure electric version of the F-150. We fully expect this truck to go over 300 miles on a single charge. Ford adds that the electric F-150 will be highly capable and even touts its ability to tow one million pounds.

There's no doubt we're more excited about the pure electric F-150 than the PHEV version, but imagine if the PHEV could go 30-40 miles on electric before switching over to gas. That too would be a winner in our books. However, at just 10 miles, the PHEV F150 will likely be dead on arrival, don't you think?

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