The upcoming launch of the Tesla Cybertruck is sure to make waves in the auto industry, but will this electric pickup truck actually make Ford go bankrupt? That's sort of what this video claims, but Ford does have a few aces up its sleeves.

Tesla is currently seeking a site to produce the Cybertruck at. It's believed that the automaker will find a suitable spot somewhere in the middle of the U.S. so that it can more easily distribute the truck across the nation. There are some states offering big f*cking fields to Tesla for no charge, so we assume a site will be selected sooner rather than later.

If Tesla builds the truck in the heartland of America, then this video argues that legacy automakers such as Ford will definitely feel the heat/pressure. That may be true, but we must not forget that Ford too has a big electric pickup truck in the works. Additionally, Ford has the Mustang Mach-E, which more or less directly competes with the Tesla Model Y.

But that's not all. Ford has also announced that it's working with Rivian on a large SUV that will wear the Lincoln badge (think of this as a Tesla Model X competitor) and there are even rumors that the new Ford Bronco will get an electric variant. All said then, Ford seems well on its way towards electrification in basically every segment Tesla is in (minus perhaps a Model 3 competitor), so we don't think Tesla building the Cybertruck in the U.S. will cause too much of a dent in Ford's electric vehicle sales, but watch the video which presents a view to the contrary.

Video description via Awesome Finance on YouTube:

In this video we look at Elon Musks Tesla vs Ford as a company and see how the Tesla Cybertruck may impact Ford financially. If Tesla can one day build its Cybertruck at a gigafactory located in the USA, then legacy auto companies may begin to feel financial pressure. 


Disclaimer: nothing in this video is financial advice whatsoever and are simply my personal opinions and speculations.

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