Leaked images of the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco just surfaced over the past couple of days and from those, we present this Bronco electric SUV based on the Rivian R1S.

We'll be upfront in admitting that this render isn't especially stellar, but the leaked Bronco images (shown below) are of extremely poor quality, so there wasn't a whole lot to work with here.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Leaked Images

Ford has never officially stated that the Bronco will get an electric version. However, it's assumed either it will or some other rather large Ford SUV will. Our bet is on the Bronco, as it's styling and lines align quite closely with the Rivian R1S, which will be the foundation for an electric Lincoln SUV (confirmed) and likely for a Ford EV SUV too (not confirmed).

The Rivian R1S will be the automaker's second vehicle following the launch of the R1T electric pickup truck. The two vehicles are nearly identical in regards to battery packs, motors, power an so on.

Here's a rundown on the R1S:


Offered in 5- or 7-passenger configurations, the R1S can be equipped either as a family hauler or more of a cargo carrier. The flexibility to order it with either five or seven seats will really open up the demand for the R1S.

Battery Pack Sizes

Like its R1T truck sibling, the R1S SUV comes with three battery pack choices:

  • 105 kWh
  • 135 kWh
  • 180 kWh


Electric range is even more impressive than the R1T truck. The biggest pack offers 410-plus miles of range, while even the smallest pack is supposedly capable of delivering over 240 miles of electric driving bliss. This sort of range makes the Model X seem a bit in need of some increased battery capacity.


Top speed for all versions is listed at 125 MPH and 0 to 60 MPH varies depending on pack size and motor output. The quickest R1S hits 60 MPH in just 3.2 seconds, while the slowest is still no slouch at 4.9 seconds.

Towing, Payload And Off-Road Ability

As you'll see in the specs below, the R1S can haul a rather hefty load and can tow too. It also is set up for off-roading in that its entry and departure angles, as well as ground clearance, and water fording depth are more than adequate for the rough stuff.

Just imagine a Bronco with this level of capability. It would be the fastest, toughest, most capable Bronco available and it could surely challenge say the Tesla Model X or even the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck

The 2021 Ford Bronco should be fully revealed sometime this Spring. For more details of the gas version(s) of the Bronco, you can head on over to Motor1 to check out the article titled "2021 Ford Bronco: Everything We Know."

Aside from this electric Ford SUV, we previously rendered to life a Lincoln EV SUV based on the Rivian R1S too. You can check that one out below:

Lincoln-Rivian EV SUV

Last but not least, you check out the Rivian R1S electric SUV in the gallery of images below:

Gallery: Rivian R1S SUV

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