What we do know is that Ford has already invested in Rivian. There was talk about General Motors investing in the electric startup, but that didn't pan out. Amazon was also part of that deal and it has followed through with an initial investment to the tune of $700 million.

Following news of Amazon's stake and GM's decision not to partake, Ford announced a $500 million investment. The press release stated that Ford plans to build an all-new battery-electric vehicle using Rivian’s flexible skateboard platform.

Ford's executive chairman Bill Ford stated:

“We are excited to invest in and partner with Rivian"

“I have gotten to know and respect RJ, and we share a common goal to create a sustainable future for our industry through innovation.”

The automaker's new president and CEO Jim Hackett added:

“As we continue in our transformation of Ford with new forms of intelligent vehicles and propulsion, this partnership with Rivian brings a fresh approach to both. At the same time, we believe Rivian can benefit from Ford’s industrial expertise and resources.”

However, when Ford recently released a promotional video showing an all-electric F-150 prototype towing over one million pounds, there was no specific mention of Rivian. This doesn't mean the electric startup wasn't / isn't involved. We'll just have to wait and see how the partnership pans out.

We can say that we know the epic feat was the real deal and it will be entirely possible in the future as Ford and Rivian move forward. Our good friend Alex Guberman (E for Electric) provides some valuable insight.

Video Description via E for Electric on YouTube:

Rivian Makes Ford's All Electric F-150 Truck Demo Believable

Ford's all electric F-150 prototype ( which we all assume will be built with the help of Rivian ) is featured in Ford's demonstration of the new electric technology in a very entertaining video of the truck pulling the train. Let's talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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