Update 3: We've found a new video with the amazing tank turn. Flip forward to around 15:30 in the video above to see the Rivian R1T pull off the feat.

Update 2: The video that was embedded above was taken down from YouTube due to a copyright claim from Rivian. 

It appears that Rivian has trademarked the term "Tank Steer" which makes an appearance in this video. It has also trademarked the similar term "Tank Turn." This is further evidence that turning on a dime will be a feature at least some Rivian vehicles will have.

When we first clicked on the above video, we hadn't done any research or considered the source. At first glance (and second and third glance) it looks to be pretty real. Why? Not because we were dissecting the video closely to determine whether or not it was CGI, but instead because we didn't immediately doubt that the Rivian R1T all-electric pickup truck could really pull this off.

When you think something is possible, you're more apt to believe what you see. Since we know Rivian Automotive's vehicles have incredible torque, gobs of power, otherworldly off-road capabilities, and highly advanced all-wheel-drive systems and state-of-the-art traction control, this type of maneuver is definitely possible. Essentially, you can perform extraordinarily epic feats with four independent electric motors, especially with the right software development and management.

The video came to us from YouTuber boolero01 rather than from Rivian's official channel. However, we've learned that the video was produced by Rivian's ad agency.

Do you think this is CGI or the real deal? Regardless, if it was put together for Rivian by its ad agency, the automaker is clearly suggesting that the R1T will be capable of such maneuvers. Otherwise, it would be misleading advertising. 

Finally, whether or not you think the video is real, do you believe Rivian's vehicles will be capable of this zero-radius "tank steer." Let us know in the comment section below or head on over to our RivianChat forum for more in-depth discussion.

Video Description via boolero01 on YouTube:

RIVIAN "Tank Steer" Mountain Reveal

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