Tesla and CEO Elon Musk continue to advertise the fact that the company doesn't advertise. Some would argue that this is simply false. However, Tesla doesn't have a marketing budget and it doesn't run traditional ads.

Instead, Tesla banks on social media, owners, bloggers, YouTube influencers, and its outspoken CEO's Twitter account to do the heavy lifting. The thought is, if people love their Tesla vehicles, they'll spread the word. In addition, the automaker's referral program helps keep the ball rolling.

In the past, we've shared talented video producer Billy Crammer's Tesla spec ads with you. While there are several video makers that focus on Tesla, Crammer's style is unique and his videos are pretty epic. Above is his latest work.

Watching these spec ads begs the question once again. Would Tesla have more success if it switched to a traditional marketing campaign? Would having an official Tesla commercial air during the Super Bowl push the automaker to a whole new level?

It could be argued that the automaker is already at maximum capacity in terms of its vehicle lineup, production capacity, charging infrastructure, service network, and delivery logistics. If demand for Tesla vehicles skyrocketed, the company may not be in a position to keep up. We'd love to know what you think. Share your wisdom with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Billy Crammer on YouTube:


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Edited by Billy Crammer
Written & Produced by John P Neveu

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Voiceover by Ron Peterson - zagwood@yahoo.com

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