As we correctly assumed, it was only a matter of time before our friend Billy Crammer could come forth with a Tesla Cybertruck spec ad. In fact, we've been eagerly looking forward to it since he's proven to do such outstanding work.

We've shared a handful of Crammer's videos in the past, but this one is sure to get plenty of extra attention. Whether you love or hate the Tesla Cybertruck, there's no denying it's a head-turner and attention hog.


Crammer offers up his services to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. After re-watching the last few Tesla ads, in addition to several others unrelated to the Silicon Valley automaker, we think perhaps Musk should reach out to Crammer.

If the video maker wants to get the CEO's attention, he's surely going about it the right way. Crammer's other trailers primarily revolve around movies and video games — think Marvel, James Bond, Fortnite, and zombies. We know Musk has an affinity for such topics.

At any rate, check out the amazing Tesla Cybertruck spec ad above. Then, share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Billy Crammer on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck - Trailer

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a FAN-MADE conceptual trailer made purely for fun. This is not a real trailer, nor is it intended to be. This was simply made to show how a film could look. I do that by using clips from various productions and transforming them to create something unique. To do that I use visual effects, hire professional voice artists and overlay images. This was not made to fool anyone. It is simply a video for fans to take a glimpse into what a movie could be like. No money was made from this video.

Video by Billy Crammer

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