When Tesla first debuted the Cybertruck, there was an image shown displaying a factory ladder rack that would make the electric pickup truck highly versatile. This image went unnoticed until just recently, but now that we've seen it, the usefulness of Tesla's pickup truck becomes even more clear.

The Cybertruck's unique design led to some suggesting the truck bed would be very inconvenient to use. The high reach-over height makes it difficult to get items out of the truck bed. Additionally, the odd slanting roofline and unconventional bed shape might make it difficult to install items such as ladder racks. 

Well, this image shown during the debut suggests installing a ladder rack won't be a problem.

Tesla Cybertruck Rack

This image comes to us courtesy of our friends over at Cybertruck Owners Club. In the above image, it's hard to make out what's being displayed, so here's a blown-up version:

Tesla Cybertruck Rack

The uploader of these two images tells InsideEVs the following:

I posted this on a Cybertruck site last night and I think it might be the first close look at a factory ladder rack for the Cybertruck.

I managed to screen capture from a reveal night video which shows the image close up. There's also tools laid out in the bed which is probably meant to show them charging up.

Another individual created the image seen at the top of this post to help visualize the entire setup. It too was first posted on the Cybertruck Owner's Club.

Since the image was shown by Tesla, it's assumed that this will be some sort of factory option or maybe even a standard feature. This ladder rig would allow for the carrying of all sorts of items from ladder, to kayaks, to large pieces of lumber and more.

Additionally, InsideEVs was tipped of this ladder rack setup on Twitter by @28delayslater. Here's some of the convo:


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