Sometimes there are unwritten rules. This is true in certain communities, organizations, etc. The difficult part is that while people within the group may be aware of the "rule," newbies are usually in the dark at first. For this reason, Tesla owner and EV aficionado Bjørn Nyland shares a special EV parking "rule" with us. Hopefully, this information will make its way across the community so people don't get pissed off.

What we're talking about here is the people that park like idiots at public charging stations. Instead of parking between the lines, they park on top of the lines. If you're new to public charging and you see this, you may be irritated. In fact, we've seen a few videos where someone actually unplugged a car that was "improperly" parked. Nyland was definitely upset when he saw a Porsche Taycan owner parking like an idiot at a charging station. He jokes that it's a driver of an expensive German car, so people will assume he thinks he owns the road.

All jokes aside, the reason some people do this is so that heavy (and likely dirty) charging cord doesn't rest on and potentially scratch their car. Liquid-cooled cords can vibrate and leave marks on your car. Any cord could lie on the car and dirty it or possibly scratch it. Either someone painted the parking lot lines wrong or the charging stations weren't installed with this in mind. However, regardless of the reason, it can be a real issue for certain cars and certain stations.

So, EV owners, please help Nyland spread the word. You all need to park like idiots. If some people park "correctly," it may make it so the others have to follow suit, and scratch their cars. This is not the case at every public charging station, but it is an issue in many locations. It also depends on where the charging port is on your EV.

Let us know if you've experienced this and if you agree. Perhaps the smart move would be to let these public charging sites know they should repaint the lines?

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Why you should park like an idiot

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